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Rally Armor OE Classics Mudflaps Black



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Rally Armor OE Classics Mudflaps Black ( Part Number: MF30-OEC-BLK)
Looks great 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
Wanted mud flaps that looked like the came with the car and they do!
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High quality 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
RSD, as always ships very quickly. Packaging is superb as always and my items were well-protected. I have yet to install these yet, however I can tell just by handling these that they are extremely high in quality. Will take pictures and post after installation.
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Only Meant For Stock Car Heights 5 months ago
4out of 5stars
These things are hardened plastic unlike the OG Rally Armor flaps that are more flexible. These look very discreet and slick. These wouldn't be good on lowered cars as it doesn't flex which wear tear off from the wheel well areas if it rubs against something.
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Full rigid this big is probably not the way to go. 6 years ago
3out of 5stars
I would give fit 3.5 out of 5 stars. They could have been molded better to help secure them, but they look good enough from standing up. Also as far as looks go, they are attractive and in my opinion just a bit nicer than the flexible RallyArmor flaps. There are issues with both designs when backing up. The flexible ones can come in contact with tire and be ripped off. That is downward, so probably a bit more damaging, but you have several inches of contact flex before they contact the tire. With this design, there is no give. The slightest contact with the ground or snow and the pop off. Thankfully it just pulls the inserts out of the bummer. The damage is minimal, but there is damage. These can also pop off with ground contact when moving forward. Again there is NO give. Also they collect more snow than the flexible design. I also think the cost too much. 1 plus - RallyArmor will allow the original owner to buy individual replacements.
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Please read to take into consideration 8 years ago
2out of 5stars
When I installed the mud flaps I was very happy w/ the fit and look. Upon having them on my car, they scrap when I go over speed bumps and you have to be very careful if you catch a curb. One of them popped off and so I have decided to remove the other three from my car. I would not recommend this product and will most likely purchase the flexible polyurethane so I can avoid the scraping issue. Very disappointed in the product, not based on appearance, but based on performance and hassle.
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Do Not Buy! 7 years ago
1out of 5stars
I purchased these a few years ago and I have had nothing but problems. All 4 have fallen off or been ripped off at one time or another. Either a car wash has ripped them off or too much Michigan snow... I lost one in the cemetery visiting my father on a snowy day last year. Luckily, when I went back the next day, it was in a snow mound. All the original hardware fell off within a few weeks of installation. I contacted Rally Armor and they sent me different mounting hardware, which was slightly better. I have put so much effort into keeping these on my car and I am kicking myself for not purchasing the originals, which are CHEAPER!! Also, my passenger side rear fender now has both mounting holes ripped off and I had to use galvanized steel hanger strap to improvise mounting holes. I can send photos if anyone wants to see the damage.
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