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Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2



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Rally Armor mud flaps  3 years ago
Great purchase the car stays so clean! Easy install don't even need to take of the tires. Only weird part is that the flaps touch the ground on bumps and stuff, but doesn't effect the durable polyurethane. Would recommend everyone to get these babies.
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Nice flaps 3 years ago
Great product. As everyone says the instructions are a little confusing, check the web. They look better installed than I thought they would. I was more looking to protect my paint due to running 265 wide tires, My rear fenders were starting to show some minor chipping. I hope these prevent that from getting any worse.
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Great product fast shipping 4 years ago
My order was received within two days of placing it! The quality of the product is excellent, however as previously stated by others the install instructions are a little vague. The YouTube video was more informative and provided good visual.
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Awesome product 4 years ago
The quality is great, easy to install.... I love the different look my car has now with them on and the shipping was fast... Great satisfaction OVERALL..!!!
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Same story, different chapter 4 years ago
Just like everyone says, once they're on, they look great, and they've done a great job in terms of keeping debris away from the car. The directions aren't ideal, but there are plenty of YouTube videos that can assist you if you need
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Look Great! However.. 4 years ago
The directions they came with are awful… doesn't describe what parts to use where, you just have to assume almost. BUT! once they are actually on they look fantastic! And they got shipped to me very fast!
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very good product 5 years ago
I've had these a month now and they are awesome. RSD delivery time to Australia was very quick. Will be buying more items from here.
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Perfect 5 years ago
These look great, fit perfectly, and take half an hour to install. They protect the widebody from debris!
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Quality product! 5 years ago
I picked up a set for my 2013 WRX. Took me about 2 hours to install and align them properly, everything came organized and packaged neatly. They look great and it's been a while since I've noticed any rocks or other debris being picked up by my tires and hitting the side doors.
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2013 STI mudflaps 5 years ago
Fit great and look great
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perfect  5 years ago
great fit, easy install and worth every penny. Hats off to rally sport direct for calling me before sending my package to let me know it is slightly damaged and asking if i wanted another one. They never disappoint, always buy from them.
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3 Years Running and Still Love Them 5 years ago
Install was easy and they hold up really well. Keeps rocks and mud from kicking up on your ride as well as the cars behind you, especially if you are running sticky tires :-)
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Great form and function 5 years ago
The directions aren't the best since they are black and white. However, once I installed one the rest were easy. Since I installed them a month ago it has rained constantly here in Florida and I have noticed less crap being thrown all over the sides of my STi. Quality materials and nice fitment make these well worth the price.
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Look good and they are functional 5 years ago
The directions could be better, but after looking at it for a few seconds I figured it out and installation went quick. They do good at keeping debris from hitting the sides of the car.
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2013 WRX 5 years ago
easy install looks great and prevents excess kick up onto your vehicle worth the money!
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Worth the money. 5 years ago
Install was pretty straight forward and they look great. Highly recommended.
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Easy install, look great! 6 years ago
Instead of reading the instructions, I decided to go the youtube route......very bad mistake. I decided to do the rear first, and the video I watched was for the sedan model. About 40 minutes of extra unneeded time. After deciding to go for the instructions, and realizing what was actually needed to be done, I installed the rear bumper piece I had removed previously and installed correctly. The hatchback is muuch easier to install than the sedan. After realizing how to actually do it, each rear took about 10 minutes or so a piece. Fronts were also very easy, hardest part was pulling the side skirt down, was pretty scared id break a plastic piece off. The instructions are labeled well enough, and if you do watch a video along with reading the instructions it does happen to help, but instructions suffice well enough. Looks amazing on the car, makes it look aggressive and no more worries of running over rocks or running through puddles on my fresh washed car.
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Look Great, Involved but easy install 6 years ago
The install probably takes an hour, but the instructions give you each step, so it is not hard. And they look great installed.
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Awesome! 7 years ago
These flaps are great. I live on a dirt road and the keep my car much cleaner and they make the car look more aggressive. Rally sport direct was quick and more than helpful. Difinitely going to buy from them again.
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2011 STI Rally Armor Mudflaps! 7 years ago
Great quality product, easy to install and as usual Rally Sport Direct sent them out fast!
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Looks great and great quality 7 years ago
Easy to install, looks great, and makes the car look even wider and more agressive
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Very Happy 7 years ago
When they first arrived, I was a little intimidated by the instructions......but after reading through them, and following a great instructional video on youtube, I had no problems. I am very satisfied with the mudflaps, not only does the blue match the paint perfect, it is comforting to know gravel isn't slinging up on my paint. Highly recommend!
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Yes, a must-have! 7 years ago
Quality is excellent and these flaps just add to the look. Easy to install with the youtube-videos. They save the rear fenders from being sandblasted by debris!
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Must have 7 years ago
Installed these Rally armor Mudflaps on and loving it. Living in the northeast with all the snow and backroad muddy streets made my car dirty and nasty quick. But I don't have that problem any more. Looks great and worth the price.
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mudflaps 8 years ago
Ordered the rally armor mudflaps, shipping was fast, install was easy and I have been very happy with them.
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Awesome product, terrible installation 4 years ago
I love my flaps so far, but putting them on was the biggest pain in the ass ever. I don't even think they are on correctly right now... oh well it works. looks nice and good quality.
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missing hardware 4 years ago
Got my product and im missing 2 counter sunk screws in the front. For the price thought they would have a good setup for hardware.
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I like them but. 6 years ago
I wasnt a fan of the install. Nothing is actually labeled, so its up to you to guess what hardware goes where. And im not a noob, me and my buddy installed these after installing: Downpipe, heatsheild, short throw shifter, bushings, rear strut brace.... and we found these to be the PITA lol. Maybe we were just a little cranky. However, now that they are on, they do look sexy.
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great....until it got cold 5 years ago
My gf got these for my WRX and they look great and do a fantastic job protecting the body of the car from debree. But I live up in the rockies and with the winter storms and cold air the back mud flaps are now warping. Dissapointing for the price. Still doing the job but just be aware that in cold temps this is a possibility.
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Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Blue Logo V2 (Part Number: )