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  • Q: 2007 Wagon Install  Pwads3 years ago

    The description says that 2006-2007 WRX wagons will need modification, is this explained in the instructions on how to do it? If not, is there any documentation on how to do this properly and what additional hardware, if any, is needed?
  • Q: Mudflaps  ArthurH4 years ago

    I was curious to know that if I install these can I adjust it so I don't have the flaps hanging off to the side. I'm not a huge fan of the flap extending out more then the vehicle
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      A:  These will stick out of the wheel well a little. They are not adjustable unfortunately. In order to avoid having the flap stick out, I would get the universal UR mudflaps so you can mount the flaps as you see fit.

      Josh P. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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  • Q: Upgrade from rally armor basic?  manta06810385 years ago

    If I already have the RA basic black installed... Can I upgrade and use the already installed hardware? Basicly trying to save time and just pull existing screws out pull basics RA flap off and pop on these. Can that be done with out pulling all the already installed hadware out and starting from scratch?
  • Q: Mudflap question  subarustifan313496 years ago

    just wondering what is the difference between these mudflaps and the ones that cost $95.99? kinda want the ones that will flap a little and not be completely stiff
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      A:  The mudflaps selling for $95.99 are the Rally Armor Basic mudflaps. Those are made out of a hard plastic. These are the UR series which are made from Polyurethane, they are far more robust and have much more give in them. They will flap a bit and not be stiff like the basics.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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