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Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper

MODEL # CUS 666 561 ALHD


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Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper ( Part Number: 666 561 ALHD)
Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper ( Part Number: 666 561 ALHD)
07 STI 4 years ago
Installed was easy enough in theory. My big hands got in the way along with not wanting to do extra work removing pieces around it. Eventually I got it in. Another high quality Cusco part. Brake pedal response feels better but without any scientific testing, I can't tell you if it actually made a huge difference or not. If nothing else its some nice Cusco blue to add down in the depths of the hood.
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Cusco bcs 4 years ago
Kevin Tyler
Installed on my 02 wrx wagon, greatly increased pedal feel and stiffness. At 160k miles my brake pedal felt soft and had to push almost half way in just to start rubbing the brakes. With this the pedal is almost instantly applying brakes. Probably the best improvement item i have installed. Recommend to anyone looking to get better feel from their brake pedal. Excellent product.
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Works great!! 5 years ago
It was a little hard to install but once installed my brake pedal feels solid. I love the Cusco part!!
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PITA to install 5 years ago
Not sure I notice much of a braking difference. Looks cool in the engine bay nonetheless. Pain to install.
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Easy Brake feel upgrade 6 years ago
Kevin R.
Took the wiper fluid tank out of my 05 wrx and it was easy. Just took a while to tighten one of the bolts because of space. It does exactly what it's designed for, decreasing sponginess due to MS movement. Very satisfied. Highly recommended. Perfect fitment.
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Solid 6 years ago
chrispy bacon
took 2 minutes to install, pedal feels like i'm pushing against a brick wall! Great product from cusco as always! great service from RSP!
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Always good from Cusco 6 years ago
Installed on an 06 STi, a lot better pedal feel and response. Install kind of sucks cuz of its crammed location but it was worth it. Took me about 25 minutes tops. Looks great in the engine bay as well!
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Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (Part Number: )
Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (Part Number: )