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Motul 90 PA Limited Slip Differential Oil 2.1QT (Subaru R180 Rear Diff)

MODEL # MOU 100122


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Worth every penny 4 months ago
I have a custom rear diff and I have been searching for the right oil. It is loud.. grouchy.. and clunky with the wrong oil. Added this oil.. and poof.. whisper quiet and smooth engagements. So glade i bit the bullet and picked this up.
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Awesome!!! 4 years ago
First off thanks to RSD for always having the dopest products! This stuff simply a must have if you have an 06' STI. Little of a pain to get it in the diff without making a mess but Motul fluids all the way!
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No problems 4 years ago
Did a change about 3k ago. Did not have any grinds or weird noises before. Still going well after about 3,000 miles. Easy to do with a cheap hand pump from the parts store.
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Great Diff Fluid 5 years ago
Had a bit of diff chatter. Replaced fluid that was in there from previous owner with a quart of Motul 90PA and it's way better. Good stuff, and one of the few approved for the '04 STi rear diff.
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No problems here 5 years ago
Used in 2005 sti rear diff. Worked fine before and works fine now. After doing lots of research on what is the best gear oil for the transmission and diff I finally decided Motul is the only way to go.
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Returned my R180 to stock like LSD function 5 years ago
I was having some issues with the rear diff in my 09 STi, like it was not locking up correctly, I had heard that old fluid, or weak springs in the diff can cause this type of behavior, and my first fix attempt was of course fluid - WORKED LIKE A CHARM - Power over-steer is once again no issue in 2nd or 3rd. Great product, Great company, thanks RSD.
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BEST OIL EVER 5 years ago
I was using redline, and yea don't want to get into that, anyway I got this and the 75w90 from a distribution warehouse/ HQ in California so I can get some questions answered, they also clarified pa90 is for differential only and 75w90 for transmission. my diff is so smooth it almost seems like it pulls harder lol great stuff I highly recommend it.
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Great stuff 6 years ago
I use this oil for the rear diff in my '06 STi on account of them having the clutch type LSD. Works great!
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Excelent OIL 6 years ago
MOTUL has worked with oil for 100 years almost, from Romania to France they maintained quality construction. You wont regret buying this quality product.
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Motul 90 PA 6 years ago
Amazing, the rear end follows a lot nicer over and through turns. Great upgrade oil and piece of mind.
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LSD (06 STI) 6 years ago
This is the only brand I use for my LSD and it has been nothing but great.
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GREAT 6 years ago
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Great fluid! 7 years ago
Kirill C.
Could not belie how well this fluid works. Its quite thick and also very tacky. It was a bit of a pain to pump into the rear diff do to how thick it was, however the efforts where well worth it. The rear diff noise is completely gone, and the vehicle has less rear end chatter when doing very sharp turns and seems to have smoothed out the engagement as well. Highly recommended.
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*sigh* 3 years ago
I was recommended this oil for my 2004 WRX 5mt rear diff. Turns out it's for LSD clutch style STI differentials. NOT WRX!! So here I am running to find rear diff oil, while I'm halfway through a fluid swap. I informed the representative of the vehicles year, make, model, and transmission. And now I'm stuck with something I can't use, and a dry diff.
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