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Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs ( Part Number:RCO RG275BILS)

Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs - Subaru WRX 2008-2014

Manufacturer Part # RG275BILS


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Racecomp Engineering's goal was to help cure the understeer that adds to lap times at the track and autocross course. Hearing reviews that the Yellow spring traditionally paired with the WRX GTWORX Bilsteins was too harsh for some, a less aggressive performance spring has been produced that retains available bump travel and works in conjunction with the rear motion ratio. The result is a car that handles extremely well from corner entry to corner exit yet retains ride comfort.

These lowering springs do include new front and rear bump stops.

Note that due to the lower spring rate compared to the Yellows, the RCE Regular Guy springs may be used with stock struts on the 2009+ WRX. However, 2008 WRX owners will need upgraded struts to be able to use these.
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Brand: Racecomp Engineering
Adjustable: No
Drop Height Front: 1.0in
Drop Height Front Metric: 25mm
Drop Height Rear: 1.0in
Drop Height Rear Metric: 25mm
Includes Bump Stops: Yes
Spring Rate Front: 275lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 4.9Kg/mm
Spring Rate Rear: 250lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 4.5Kg/mm

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Handles like a champ!
Akessler 3 months ago
Huge improvement over stock. I installed these with a set of KYB struts and the change from stock was dramatic. Handling and the look was amazing. Took 2 seconds off my best lap in autoX without trying.

Verified Purchase

Super comfortable
patrick.brennan72095 2 years ago
Had just bought new wheels & tires so I went with lowering springs (on stock struts) instead of coilovers to go a little easy on the wallet. Very glad I did, these springs added a decent drop and very little difference in ride comfort compared to oem. I had Tein S-Techs on my old '07 and the wife complained all the time. No complaints with these. Matched these up with sway bars and endlinks, thing handles like a dream!


Very suiting name
spera.mike47636 2 years ago
Used these on my 08 2.5i with Koni yellow inserts and they are wonderful. Ride height isn't a huge difference, but that's to do with the spring rate. Just a little more bouncy than the WRX springs I had on there but was able to tone it down with the adjustable shocks. I'd seriously recommend considering an adjustable shock, and it would be awesome if rallysport stocked them... hint hint

Verified Purchase

2013 WRX Wagon + Stock Struts
madhatter_201381960 2 years ago
Bottom line: Get these if you really just want to drop the car and don't care about added performance. I would highly recommend upgrading struts though. They say you can pair these with stock, but lets face it, the stock struts suck anyway. Other suspension mods: Whiteline sways front and back, Kartboy end links. THE GOOD: Lowered center of gravity and moderately improved autocross performance. Cornering was definitely improved and some of the bounce vs. stock was improved. Stance looked awesome and mean! THE BAD: Paired with stock struts, the suspension bottomed out going over anything more substantial than a dead squirrel. These lowered the car more than I really wanted, but to be honest I didn't really want much lowering so I probably purchased these for the wrong reason. Install was straight forward, but compressing the spring can be tricky since there isnt much spring to compress. It would have been handy to have a third spring compressor laying around. OVERALL: Purchase these if you are looking for moderate performance increase vs. stock and want that lowered look. I would recommend aftermarket struts such as the Koni Sports or GTWorx. BLACKS vs. YELLOWS: I ended up switching to the RCE Yellows w/ Koni Sports and LOVE the setup. I probably would have better things to say about the Blacks if I had not used stock struts. The Yellows + Koni's actually ride BETTER than the Blacks. I attribute the "better ride" to the fact that I'm not bottoming out all the time. That takes a toll. The yellows also dont drop the car quite as much so daily driving is much better without having to take inclines at an odd angle.

wrxcory 3 years ago
I thought going the spring route would not be ideal on stock struts But it is worth it not a bouncy or stiff ride ! I love the difference of cornering and the drop is very nice and caring to the stock struts. When installing make sure you get a impact wrench and torque wrench. Don't think you can use your body's force to hold down the top hat of the sturt like in some YouTube videos !

  • Q: Bump stops  noisefloor 1 year ago


    Gonna install these on stock wrx struts. I lost the bump stops. Can I cut the oem ones? If so, by how much? Thanks!

    • A: You can trim the front 20mm or purchase new front bump stops. - Larry

      Racecomp Engineering 1 year ago
  • Q: Additional Parts  14RexFan 2 years ago


    I've been reading many forums and have been trying to learn about suspension. I have heard that you need camber bolts for lowering springs. My goal was to buy these and have only these installed on the stock setup, I'm merely looking for better handling and a little bit lower of a ride on a 14 Rex. Are camber bolts necessary? Are any other parts necessary or will the camber work itself out? I'm not trying to buy new tires before I need to or have them wear out early. I understand I will need an alignmento too. So I guess my question is what else is necessary for a proper install?

    • A: Lowering springs will have a slight improvement of handling because they can reduce body roll. Camber bolts are not a requirement when using lower springs, but you are more than welcome to install some to make the alignment easier. You will need to have the car aligned as soon as possible after you have installed the springs.

      Chris W. 2 years ago
  • Q: Rce regular guy black springs  CocosSub11 3 years ago


    Hi I was wondering if I Install these with stock wheels on 2011 limited hatch will I have any issue with rubbing or bottoming out on normal california roads. What if I upgrade to 18x8.5 would I have rubbing issues or lose turning radius? I also hear you have to roll the rear fenders for 17x9 is this true?

    • A: The stock wheels and tires will not have an issue, but we cannot confirm for larger wheels since that will depend on the tire size you go with. The potential to rolling fenders also depends on tire size and offset.

      Nick S. 3 years ago
  • Q: Ride Question  Austin717 3 years ago


    I run a lot on secondary gravel and chip n seal roads where I live and when I travel to the mountains to our family cabin. Does anyone have experience with driving on these conditions? Would these be too rough? I'm planning on a set of Koni adjustable along with these springs. I really want around a 1/2 of drop and would prefer the Tanabe gf210 set. But it doesn't show it fitting my 08 wrx hatchback

    • A: Its hard to say as stiffness is relative to each person. Overall these springs are firmer than stock but will lower the car about an inch. - Larry

      Racecomp Engineering 3 years ago
  • Q: 3/4 inch drop  TremendousWRX 4 years ago


    These are only stated to drop 3/4 as per RCEs website. Are you saying they drop more than what RCE advertises, or is it actually 3/4? Thanks!

    • A: Exact drop will vary from car to car. You can expect the drop to be from 3/4 to 1

      guest56ad69792a8d256e198b66b5 4 years ago
    • A: As Josh stated, we've had people experienced drops anywhere from 3/4 to an inch drop. -Larry

      Racecomp Engineering 4 years ago