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Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs



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Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs ( Part Number: GR08)
Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs ( Part Number: GR08)
WOW!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago
Grrreeeaaat bang for the buck...what a more feels that im aboutt to launch:)
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Mostly Satisfied! 4 years ago
These are a great improvement over OEM springs. The car feels much more grounded, less body roll, I feel more confident through turns. Not really a noticeable drop in wheel gap but I wasn't going for that! The only thing I don't like about these springs is that they creak over the first few turns and bumps each time I drive and then are fine. I made sure they were seated properly so I'm not sure why they do this!
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Wow - Must have if no other suspension mods 4 years ago
I have put tons of other mods into the motor/turbo department when it comes to my 2013 STi and this is the first suspension mod I did with no other additions along with it but an alignment done by Procom Racing in Tom's River, NJ. The ride quality, IMO, increased dramatically over stock. It doesn't feel like you're about ready for liftoff at 65mph anymore - the car feels very planted. It feels like a sports car. The rear suspension is MASSIVELY improved over stock allowing you to really see the handling capabilities of the car. I would recommend these springs to anyone looking for something a little stiffer than stock but still uses the car for their daily. Also - I live in PA and can't have a snow plow in the winter!
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very pleased 5 years ago
They lowered my WRX a bit more than 3/4 inch, but not too much. They transformed the handling and with Koni shocks there is no more crashing over bumps. Great purchase, I recommend them.
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much improved cornering grip! 6 years ago
much improved grip when cutting a corner compared to the stock! highly recommended upgrade for any STi owner that cares about handling! ride quality is still good, can definitely feel more feedback from the road but mum, wife even kids haven't complained...while only 3 yr old son started telling me to take the corner slower since I put them on....
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Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs (Part Number: )
Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Lowering Springs (Part Number: )