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RallySport Direct I Love Boost License Plate Frame (Part Number: )
RallySport Direct I Love Boost License Plate Frame (Part Number: )
RallySport Direct I Love Boost License Plate Frame
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Part # 10007

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Daily visits to the Chiropractor were apart of Scott's daily routine. His daily activities included going to the gym where he was obsessed with doing squats using some serious weight. At work, Scott often flexed on everyone as he was always involved in some kind of fitness challenge. You could see him lifting large objects at his desk, and he always made sure he popped a flex as other co-workers walked passed his area. Scott resembled a muscular tomato holding its breath as sweat rolled down his forehead as his veins were exploding out of his arms. 

It was imperative that Scott was the strong one. A beacon of headlights down the dusty road. A man that anyone could confide to. But sadly, Scott's back wasn't able to keep up wth this large, stalky frame. On the outside, Scott was the Hercules everyone needed to feel safe because he was the responsible one that everyone could count on. But on the inside, the physical pain, and the constant visits to the Chiropractor were really starting to interfere with Scott's daily duties. 

Scott expressed his concerns with his physician and his physician simply told him that there were no medications necessary to remedy the situation. He said that he would have to find another hobby instead of doing squats every day at the gym.

Feeling discouraged, Scott left the clinic feeling a little down. To add insult to injury his car had a flat tire and he had to get a ride home. His physician was outside and noticed Scott flexing in anger as he approached him. "What's the prognosis now Scottie?" 

"I've got a flat tire...Trying to call the wife to come get me." Scott said.

"Nonsense. I'll give you a ride." The Physician said. 

Moments later Scotts Physician came around the corner in his newly acquired Subaru STI where he went to RallySport Direct and equipped the car with one of the staged power packages in it. Scott gazed upon the car with a peak interest as his attention was arrested in that intoxicating flat-4 rumble, and that World Rally Blue paint job was gleaming in the sun. It was one of the first times that a car had really got to Scott. Scott climbed inside as the Recaro seats hugged his back. "I like the way the seats feel" replied Scott.

"Yeah? Well, check this out!"

Scott's physician did a pull as they were emerging onto the freeway, The turbo spooled, and the car released this evil noise coming from the external wastegate. Scott's eyes grew wider and wider, and a rush of adrenaline filled the bowels of his soul. "What was that?" Scott asked.

"That my friend was boost!" Said his physician. Grinning from ear to ear, Scott said that he needed that in his life, and that he loved boost. 

Scott's physician pulled over and gave Scott a few words of wisdom. He made him realize that boost was not only a hobby, but it's a lifestyle. 

"Actually Doctor, turn right ahead. I....I want you to take me to the Subaru dealership"

Scott's physician knew exactly what was in store for Scott. As they were pulling straight into the Subaru dealership, there was a brand new red STI sitting inside the showroom. Scott knew what was going to happen even before he started making a deal. 

"Wait!" Scott's physician said. And as the physician got out of his car. He borrowed a screwdriver and removed his RallySport Direct I Love Boost License Plate Frame and gave it to Scott. 

"You're going to need this."

Scott took the license plate frame and made a last nod to his physician. Scott's physician was witnessing Scott's right of passage as he signed papers with the car salesman. On the way home, Scott was met with a furious wife in the driveway. And as she continued to scream, Scott opened up the passenger door and threw her in. 

Scott got in the driver seat and as he brapped up the road, the boost created a silence in his wife and she began to understand that she too, would love boost. 

If you see a red STI at the gym with a RallySport Direct I Love Boost license plate frame, then you will also find a muscular man doing squats.

Scott is so happy. 



Brand: RallySport Direct
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
QTY: 1
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Uped My Show Game 10 months ago
5out of 5stars

This license plate frame totally added horse power ... but seriously, it actually is well built in how the license plate fits in it and let's the world around me know my passions in life ... AND it's from Rally Sport Direct which is a total win!
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Description 11 months ago
5out of 5stars

The description story sold me, just becuase it was out of the ordinary and made me smile. I definitely will get/got one of these just becasue of the story.
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