Cusco Rear Lateral Link Rear ( Part Number:CUS 6A1 474 L)

Cusco Rear Lateral Link Rear

Part #: CUS 6A1 474 L
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Brand: Cusco
Adjustable: Yes
Bearing Type: Spherical Bearing
Camber Adjustable: Yes
Material: Steel
Toe Adjustable: No

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Cusco's adjustable pillow ball lateral links helps control unwanted force under acceleration and braking. They are designed to secure traction in drifting and stability during acceleration under high speed cornering. These adjustable lateral links will allow you to correct rear camber after lowering the car


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u cant have complain about the fast shipping!!!
Justin 10 months ago
cusco has been around for so many years .yall already know , they made a lot great high quality parts . for wrx and sti . but today I want to say thanks to #rallysportdirect . I bought this item at 6-20-16 and I called in to check the availability , they answer the phone very quick .and talk to me very nicely and patiently answered all my questions . the shipping was fast and they even have discount price for 2day shipping .. only $16 for all of my items .. over all great experience . will buy something eles sooner ...

The go-to control arms
Rick C. 1 year ago
We have run these on so many of our cars and for good reason, they are just great all around. Super high quality, easy to adjust, and the performance is killer without being noisy or clunky. Plus let's be honest, they look awesome. Overall I would highly recommend these!

  • Q: Weight?  Opa Locka 1 year ago


    What's the weight of this RLL? Is this heavier than OEM?

    • A: Together these lateral links are 13lbs. We do not have OEM weight.

      Nick S. 1 year ago
  • Q: Question  theraflu 1 year ago


    Are these different from lower control arms? If so, in what way?

    • A: These are rear lateral links, often considered a rear control arm as well.

      Nick S. 1 year ago
  • Q: Cusco Rear Lateral Link Adjustment  Chad 2 years ago


    How much adjustment do these provide over stock, +/-?

    • A: Camber adjustment is different from car to car, but the usable adjustable length on these is +12mm to -12mm.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: Compatibility...   guest55c7ea57caae52f46096f900 2 years ago


    I have the same Cusco part but for the STI 2011... Both parts looks the same,so why this one is sold only for the 2015 STI. May I install the lateral links I have from the previous car on a 2015 one?

    • A: These lateral links are not the same as the 2008-2014 models and there are slight differences, including the shock mounting point and the geometry.

      Zach G. 2 years ago