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Lamin-X Headlight Covers (Multiple Colors) - Subaru WRX/STI 2004-2005
Lamin-X Headlight Covers (Multiple Colors) - Subaru WRX/STI 2004-2005

Lamin-X Headlight Covers (Multiple Colors)

Subaru WRX/STI 2004-2005


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Are you ready to upgrade your headlights to create a look of distinction unlike any other? Lamin-X headlight covers are setting a new customizing trend on the aftermarket scene. Not only do these headlight covers look good, but they offer improved protection against the unforgiving road. Their high quality transparent lens film is a flexible vinyl material with adhesive backing. It adds a unique look to your headlights while retaining the stock shape. In addition to the added protection you will receive from rocks and other road debris, the headlight covers prevent the hazy, yellow appearance caused by UV radiation and inferior headlight materials. Lamin-X is low maintenance and car wash safe.


Brand: LaminX
Color: Varies
QTY: 2 Piece
Thickness: 12mil
Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:



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Coming out of the closet.  8 years ago
5out of 5stars
So it was just after Christmas 2013 and the Sundance film festival was right around the corner. I was working for a promoting company when hip hop sensation, R Kelly walked into our office. He was wearing a fur coat that almost dragged on the floor. He had fresh corn rolls and was not keen on Utah weather. What was rather unusual was when he spoke, he communicated through singing. So when he had a question, an answer, a compliment or whatever it was he sang it out. Just like his coming out of the closet series you can find on T.V. I was given the task of chaperoning Mr. Kelly throughout the day. He had rented a home in Park City for the next three weeks, and he informed me that he needed a ride to glide through the night bayyyybayyy. In my best yet very ungraceful singing response I sang How bout' a Subaru STI bayybayy...? Lawd knows I've had many STI's son I cain't handle no mowah! Mr. Kelly sang. No Mr. Kelly it's a car made from Subaru. It's a turbocharged all-wheel drive vehicle that can handle the worst weather conditions. Snow, ice, as long as you have snow tires you can literally drive it anywhere. Even though he was wearing fairly large sunglasses I could tell he was pondering the idea. Then he began to sing again. “SHAMON-NAHH! This baby’s gonna get an STI tonight.” “Said I’ma get me an STI in Park City Utah tonight-tahhh!” After listening to his mannerisms I was given the responsibility to acquire Mr. Kelly a new Subaru STI. I took a shuttle into downtown where I located the nearest Subaru Dealership. They just so happened to have a clean, low mileage 2005 that someone had just traded in for a 2015 STI. I called Mr. Kelly back informing him that they had sold out of all the 2015 STI’s, and that the only one left was a used 2005 model. Upset Mr. Kelly was, he locked himself inside the nearest closet and began to sing. “Bayybayy hayy hayyy. You ain’t gonna get no STI Tonight bayy bayy.” It wasreally hard for me to reason with Mr. Kelly as the sound was really muffled inside the closet. I pleaded with him that I could get the 05 STI and pimp it out for him. And suddenly the singing stopped! “Yeah babayy. Bring me back that pimped out STI baybayyy!” So after negotiating with the dealership I was able to drive the 05 STI off the lot. I looked at my watch and ut was 3:35 P.M. Where could I go to pimp out this STI on a Saturday afternoon? After a quick google search I was pointed in the direction of RallySport Direct. But I had 20 minutes at this point until they closed. I better get on my way and think about what I could do to the car in the meantime. Once I arrived at RallySport I knew what I was going to get. Just one item. The perfect item only Mr. Kelly would approve of. I arrived, rushed in, and rushed out. I even applied this item to the car in the parking lot. I knew Mr. Kelly was bound to be stoked. On my way back to Park City. Once I arrived I was met with several concerned friends, publicists, and his manager. They couldn’t get him to come out of the closet. “Mr. Kelly I got your car it’s outside waiting for you all pimped out and everything!” Mr. Kelly stopped singing and handed me his cell phone and advised me to go and take a picture of it outside so he could see it. I grabbed his phone and ran back outside where Mr. Kelly’s newly acquired 05 STI was outfitted with a new set of yellow Lamin-X headlight covers. Someone from Mr. Kelly’s posse cameoutside and said “Almot looks like you know…someone may have pee’d on them there headlights and such….” “Exactly!” I replied. Finally in the background I heard “There he is look!!” That is when I saw Mr. Kelly emerge from the closet. He removed his big celebrity sunglasses and began to cry tears of joy. “Baby’s gonna get an STI tonight, baby gonna make you feel alright SHAMONE!!” In conclusion Mr. Kelly gave me a nod of approval, and got inside his new STI and somewhat drove off into the sunset. The end.
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  • Q: Lamin-X Headligh Covers  JoshSti2 years ago

    Hello, Is this a Kit : Film for headlights on both sides of the vehicle Installation tools: spray bottle, squeegee, and trim tool. Installation instructions? Thank you.
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      A:  Correct, these will be a full kit with both films and some basic install stuff. :) Thanks!

      Rick C. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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