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Cusco Spin Turn Knob Red

MODEL # CUS692 014 AR


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Cusco Spin Turn Knob Red ( Part Number: 692 014 AR)
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Works for looks also 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

You can leave the stock spring in, screw the knob 50% on and use it like a button, or remove the spring and drift!!
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Simple and nice looking 6 years ago
4out of 5stars

It matches the red interior and has a nice red brushed metal look. Easy to screw on once you have the old one off. I chose to keep the spring in so it acts just like stock one instead of leaving it out, making me pull the button. Because of this it's only a cosmetic mod in my case. I wish more mods were inexpensive like this.
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Does It's Job as Advertised! 6 years ago
4out of 5stars

I just got gifted this by a friend who ordered it from RSD. The install was made easier by watching a video online. Very simple to do yourself. I don't like how far out the button protrudes and I don't like how loosely it rattles after you tighten it. There's just too much play. However, it's not as if it'll rattle while you're driving. It's only when you touch it. I guess I just expected it to fill in more. Overall, it's easy to pull up and use your thumb to push out the knob to lock it. I doubt I'll use it much, but it gets rid of the chrome, so I'm happy. Thanks!
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Cusco Spin Turn Knob Red (Part Number: )