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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo - Subaru STI 2004+
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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo

Subaru STI 2004+

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Features & Product Details

The Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo is a great means of restoring your shifter to its original feel when the car was newer. Overtime the factory bushings can become soft and allows more excessive shifter slop. 

The Kartboy Shifter Bushing combo comes with the standard bushing replacements, as well as the rear shifter bushing. After securing the car safely on a lift or jack stands, these bushings can be installed on average of 30 minutes with simple hand tools. 


Brand: Kartboy
Bushing Location: Front / Rear Linkage
Material: Urethane
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo ( Part Number: KB-003-6COMB)
Great upgrade over the stock ones! 3 years ago
5out of 5stars
Upgraded to the 6-speed kartboy and reused my stock bushings for a period of time. But when the bushings started to wear out after using it for some time, I swapped to these and the shifter felt good but not perfect. There was still movement when neutral and my mechanic advised me to replace the “Shifter Linkage U-Joint” which really completed the “shifter revival/upgrade” and made the shifter looks and feel brand new again. I bought the “Torque Solution Solid Shifter Linkage U-Joint” which you can get it from here.
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if you want the best bushing these are it 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
i have yet to install these but have driven multiple cars with them. the exhaust cover bolts on my car are rusted and i am afraid of them snapping and will not install till i have aftermarket downpipe and the header piping or whatever it is called and will be heat wrapping it. i would install it and heat wrap the stock piping however if you do that moisture can get into it and make them rust out as heatwrapping should only be used on stainless steel as no oxidation or rust can form. I'm just using this as an excuse for me to upgrade it all to performance piping. so if your not afraid of that stuff breaking and being a paint to reinstall and having to buy new bolts or spraying bolt unlock spray and waiting hours of it soaking then removing bolts or dont live in a area that uses salt during the winter. You can install these with no issues however i do not have the patience for that and can risk not being able to reinstall factory heat shields. It's pretty simple to install and works awesome and is worth every cent. if you do not have this you should GET THEM THEY'RE WORTH EVERY CENT!!!
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It go vroom vroom 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
Installed on a stock throw in a 2017 STI, and it now feels proper proper. The bushings will bring out the whine in the transmission, so if you don't like the sound of your car being awesome, don't buy these bad larryies.
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Well made and fits like oem.  5 years ago
4out of 5stars
Sixxx Speed SG9
The shifter feels precise with out to much NVH added. Install was moderate as you have to align the two mounting bolts and with the added stiffness makes it harder. You need this to shifter when you do an auto to 5/6speed conversion.
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They fit 7 years ago
5out of 5stars
I had no problem installing either bushing. Of course I was up on a lift,which made the job much easier!
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  • Q: 2015 STi Short throw shifter  wRayth4 years ago

    Will this fit with the factory STI short throw shifter?
  • Q: 1996 subaru outback  Jacko_4 years ago

    will this kit fit a 1996 subaru legacy outback 2.2L?
  • Q: Will this fit   Risingsun9517 years ago

    Will this fit on a 2006 sti oem shifter ?
  • Q: JDM STI  NickM7 years ago

    Will this fit onto JDM STi "08 - right hand drive. Cheers
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  These bushings should fit a JDM STI. We cannot technically guarantee fitment, but we've never had any issues with fitting these bushings on JDM models.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 7 years ago  
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