Process West Top Mount Intercooler ( Part Number:PRW PWTMIC07)

Process West Top Mount Intercooler

Part #: PRW PWTMIC07


Brand: Process West
Color: Silver
Core Depth: 3.54 in
Core End Tank Material: Aluminum
Core Height: 7.50 in
Core Type: Bar and Plate
Core Width: 15.75 in
Includes New Clamps: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Intercooler Piping Included: Yes
Intercooler Piping Material: Silicone

Condition: New Product
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When you are upgrading to a larger turbo or driving the car hard it is important to keep the air charge as cool as possible. Even though the stock intercooler is able to flow sufficient air, it is still only designed for mild driving and stock power levels.

When pushing the car hard, the stock intercooler will heat soak quickly and take a long time to cool back down. This causes the performance of the motor to decline and power to suffer. The Process West intercooler is a direct factory replacement that features a larger than stock core and lower pressure drop. These 2 features previously stated allow the intercooler to flow more air while reducing the amount of pressure that is lost over the surface of the intercooler. These features allow the intercooler to work better for longer and also allow a larger amount of air to pass through the core. The combination of these things will allow this intercooler to handle upwards of 400WHP. This Process West TMIC includes everything needed to make it a direct factory replacement.


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just wonderfull
malleee 2 years ago
perfect fit for my 08 hatch and works great.

martinez1228 3 years ago
got this and picked up 30hp and 3 psi with a custom tune from dynocomp

OK but fitment - install is not great
mtj 3 years ago
The actual intercooler itself is a work of art, great size core welds are awesome .. etc... My issue was the install and fitment, Getting the driver side bracket and the hoses positioned so that don't touch, the thing still touches the AC line on the backside. No way to get that to fit right. Now onto the biggest pain, the passenger side bracket, that piece of junk, why on Earth would you use a bellhousing bolt to hold the TMIC bracket. This bolt broke on me and has broken on many other cars during this install !! So be warned!! Now I have to drill / tap that guy when I drop the transmission for a clutch install. If I designed that bracket I would re-use the two bolts that you just pulled off for the stock bracket. The passenger side hose, I had to trim it a few times to get it fit proper while not hitting the hoodscoop and scuffing a hole in it. The Turbosmart BPV still squeals / squeaks because the seal between the BPV and TMIC isn't great, I made a rubberized gasket that is better but still not perfect. All in ALL I wish I went with one of the other TMIC on the market.
Verified Purchase

Best tmic for the 08+ wrx
tregneru09440 3 years ago
I had the Perrin tmic before the Process West tmic. The Perrin never fit correctly, rubbed on multiple things, and I was never able to correctly seal the throttle body hose to the throttle body. I had boost leaks ALL the time. I hate Perrin for their bad design on this. Fast forward to today. I only had several hours to install the Process West tmic so the pressure was on. The quality of the packaging was nice to see for a change. All the hardware was separately packaged and sealed in plastic. The intercooler and air splitter were well protected in the box. There was no damage from shipment I have never had such an easy install. The hardest part was threading the mounting bolt to the intercooler on the passenger side. The trick to this is to leave everything loose and to line up the intercooler up/down and left/right and at the right angle before even attempting to thread the bolt. If you’re off slightly it will never thread. Take your time. Like others have said use t-bolt clamps and hair spray. I used t-bolt clamps on the throttle body side as this is usually where my boost leaks are. I used the provided worm gear clamps on the turbo side. The air splitter install was a breeze. I have the Perrin BPV and it fit perfectly as well. If you are on the fence about buying this then have no fear about fitment and quality as you will have one of the best tmic’s for the 08+wrx.
Verified Purchase

Dylo 3 years ago
This is a really nicely made piece of equipment. The instruction could be better but I managed. I would suggest attaching the hose to the inlet manifold before place the intercooler on top. When putting the bolt in from underneath I found it easier to push it down with the right had while putting the screw in with the left ( just saying) The hoses do tend to need some re nipping after a bit of use or else they leak. I like this product a lot and would recommend it. I like the fact that it gives you a larger choice of turbos to select from ?? I don't believe it to be related but I on my third drive I have picked up a misfire. Unresolved. GFB hybrid fits perfectly. Hope this helped

  • Q: BOV  chk122025199 3 years ago


    I plan on ordering this along with a turbo smart bov. will any gaskets or anything be needed? also, what is the hp limit on the PERRIN FMIC? i am looking to make 400+.

    • A: Everything that you will need for the install will be included with the valve. In terms of power capabilities, a FMIC can handle more power overall however, this TMIC would be fine in the 400 range.

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 3 years ago
  • Q: fmic or tmic  chk122025199 3 years ago


    In terms of performance, would this be any better or worse than a perrin fmic?

    • A: Any FMIC is going to offer better cooling than a TMIC however, you will get a significant amount of lag from a FMIC on a stock turbo. They are both solid options and you could not go wrong either way!

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 3 years ago
  • Q: Fitment for 2011 WRX  ablais02789 3 years ago


    Will this fit with an SPT strut tower brace ?

    • A: We are not able to guarantee fitment with strut tower bars, but we do have a couple customers that were able to install this with an SPT strut bar.

      Zach G. 3 years ago
  • Q: perrin strut brace fit?  seffyrawr83763 3 years ago


    i had the perrin strut bar above my stock TMIC, would this one interfere with the place its in?

    • A: We have not tested fitment of this TMIC with the Perrin strut bar and we cannot guarantee compatibility at this time.

      Zach G. 3 years ago
  • Q: What CFM and Hp limits?  SkiBumz 3 years ago


    How much HP is this unit rated to and what CFM does it thru put?

    • A: The limits to this top mount intercooler are roughly 400WHP. We do not have any published CFM at this time.

      Nick S. 3 years ago