Process West Top Mount Intercooler ( Part Number:PRW PWTMIC04)

Process West Top Mount Intercooler

Part #: PRW PWTMIC04


Brand: Process West
Color: Silver
Core Depth: 3.54 in
Core End Tank Material: Aluminum
Core Height: 7.60 in
Core Type: Bar and Plate
Core Width: 19.44 in
Includes New Clamps: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Intercooler Piping Included: Yes
Intercooler Piping Material: Silicone

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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When you are upgrading to a larger turbo or driving the car hard it is important to keep the air charge as cool as possible. Even though the stock intercooler is able to flow sufficient air, it is still only designed for mild driving and stock power levels.

When pushing the car hard, the stock intercooler will heat soak quickly and take a long time to cool back down. This causes the performance of the motor to decline and power to suffer. The Process West intercooler is a direct factory replacement that features a larger than stock core and lower pressure drop. These 2 features previously stated allow the intercooler to flow more air while reducing the amount of pressure that is lost over the surface of the intercooler. These features allow the intercooler to work better for longer and also allow a larger amount of air to pass through the core. The combination of these things will allow this intercooler to handle upwards of 400WHP. This Process West TMIC includes everything needed to make it a direct factory replacement.

2006-2007 WRX owners will need to use the older 2002-2005 BOV gasket with this intercooler.


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Nice product
Ssawyer 3 years ago
I like the look and overall quality of this product but ever since I installed it in my 07 wrx limited it makes a high pitch whistle. I can't seem to figure out where it's coming from. All I can tell is that it's on the drivers side.
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Worth it
Gizmo45 4 years ago
If you're reading this review, I know what you're thinking. You're probably on the fence buying a very expensive intercooler when there are cheaper options out there. You’re concerned that you might be overspending, but you want the best for your car. Let me be the first to tell you that this is very much worth your money. First of all, I'll start with the actual pieces that come in the box. The intercooler itself is very well put together, beautify painted and polished. When your hood is up, it will stand out and shine. The welds are nice and tidy, and everything about it screams quality. The hosing that they include with the intercooler? Also high quality, and the rubber for the other hosing is pretty thick too. The hood scoop is also a finely cut piece of sheet metal and is painted well with rubber trim around the area that will actually touch your intercooler. The intercooler does provide a great deal of cooling (duh!), not to mention that it isn’t as heavy as you might expect (or some other aftermarket options). I don’t have a dyno comparison or anything, but just by putting your hand to touch the intercooler after driving the car for a bit, you can feel the temperature difference. With the hood scoop splitter that they include, this intercooler will no doubt outperform a larger unit without a splitter. The splitter is a key part of how well this setup works as it allows you to even distribute the incoming air and use all of the intercooler, and not just a specific portion of the intercooler that the stock scoop would allow you to do. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. It is susceptible to heat soak like all other top mounts though (specifically on the turbo side), so if you’re really worried about keeping it as cool as possible, look into a turbo blanket or an additional heat shield for your turbo. Fitment is also very good. You are required to loosen the 2 mounting brackets that hold up the intercooler so that it can fit (it is wider than stock), but it was relatively painless. You also have to re-use your rubber washers that are on your stock intercooler with the new one. A new bypass valve gasket is also recommended. I hated taking off and putting back on my stock intercooler (stupid plastic hosing is to blame), but with this intercooler and new silicon hosing that they included, it was far easier to get into place. No comment on strut tower bars as I do not have them, but other reviews mention that you can get some of them to fit with this intercooler. Process West truly makes a great product, and they give you everything that you need for quick and easy install. If I had to do it again, I would.
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Great Product!!
hburgsti19702 4 years ago
Just installed this on my 2006 STi and so far so good!! Install was relatively simple but the install instructions were a little vague. The intercooler is top notch quality and is obviously well engineered/designed. I still have the stock turbo and notice a slight lag in turbo spool-up but once it comes alive it seems to be slightly stronger. Vague instructions explained (see pic as well): First, I got hung up on the cam breather hose replacement because the pic near the end of the instructions showed the 2 metal tubes (cam breather hoses) that bolted to the stock intercooler still in place; however, they are removed and replaced with the included hose/t-joint. Second, due to slight frustration, it took me a few minutes to realize that you simply remove the two rubber hoses from the metal tubing and attach them to the top of the T and run the provided hose (bottom of T) across to where the connections terminate. After that snag the installation was CAKE!! Hope this makes sense and are helpful to someone…
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Awsome, but...
ZombieCat85 4 years ago
this was a fantastic upgrade in both look and proformance, but now whenever i turn off the engine the splitter rattles against the top mount just a little. small price to pay
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Good item
Anton Lancastor 4 years ago
I've installed it with no problems. After that I went to used parts market and tried to fit lots of strut bars. The only one could do is pinky aliminium one. The STI FHI could not fit. Lots of Subaru owners are asking this question, so please see it. I believe Whiteline can also make it.

  • Q: Fits on 04 STi???  HILDI87 6 months ago


    Hello, this kit fits well for the STi 04 ??? Or. which is the perfect set for the Sti 04, with splitter and hose ??? MFG Hildebrand

    • A: MODEL # PRW PWTMIC00 is the correct fit for the 2004 STI.

      Evan M. 6 months ago
  • Q: Splitter fitment   Spero 8 months ago


    Does the included scoop splitter fit the stock wrx hood scoop? Or is an STI hood scoop needed?

    • A: The splitter will work for the 04-07 WRX scoops as a direct fit.

      Evan M. 8 months ago
  • Q: fitment  jimbo87878769305 10 months ago


    Will this intercooler fit with a 20g turbo and a go fast bits blow off valve?

    • A: Yes, this intercooler will fit your setup well.

      Josh P. 10 months ago
  • Q: Whistle/Wine/Possible Boost Leak?  noahpac9600884 2 years ago


    Hi I have recently installed the PW TMIC on my car and I'm getting a wine type of sound that is coming when I get on boost. Could there be a possible boost leak? Iv read that it could possibly be the BOV not being flush to the TMIC or the Gasket is not making a good seal?

    • A: If something isn't connected properly, there is always the possibility of a leak. The best way to know that for sure would be to have a boost leak test be performed. The Process West intercooler can make a bit of a sound as well so it may just be normal operation.

      guest569faaee2a8d2517038b4568 2 years ago
  • Q: Coated?  Dionysios 2 years ago


    Is this a natural aluminum finish or is it painted silver?

    • A: These are painted silver.

      Nick S. 2 years ago