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Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler w/ Intake Black



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Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler w/ Intake Black ( Part Number: MMINT-WRX-08AIBK)
Mishimoto FMIC 3 years ago
4out of 5stars

If you ever need detailed instructions Mishimoto's website has viedo's for installation. I had one for my 02 wrx and it was amazing
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It's good but  3 years ago
3out of 5stars

Quality wise 5/5, everything you need is in the box, except for the instruction on how to install this fmic, I had a hard time installing this trying to figure out which is which, I base mine on an STI installation guide but it's way different, you need to be patient to be able to install this, or just go to a professional installer and save time. And for the bumper trimming, you might trim a lot, you can't use your fog lights anymore because you have to trim the housing, and you can't use you're license plate relocation via tow hook also cuz the piping is on the way. but over all it's a nice fmic
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What the 2nd guy is saying is true 3 years ago
3out of 5stars

Yes there's is no detailed instruction for this, you have to use the STI, you need to cut some of your under tray to fit the pipping for the hot side, you don't need two brackets for the coolant tank, you definitely shave your bumper to fit the fmic, shave your fog light housing, and you can't use your front relocation liscense plate, so if you want to buy this be prepare for anything.
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Mishimoto FMIC 3 years ago
3out of 5stars

First off, Theres no detailed instructions on how to install this. The step by step instructions they do give are for the STI setup which doesnt run the piping in the same direction, and then they want you to relocate the coolant overflow to the left side (if your looking at your car from the front) and they give 2 brackets to do this and only 1 fit and works properly but they also dont really tell where its suppose to go. You just have to play a terrible guessing game. Also on the turbo side piping youll need to cut out some of your under tray to fit the piping through unless you feel like scratching up that pipe on your frame. Those that are curious of the bumper trimming, Youll cut about 2 solid inches on the inside of your bumber cover. The charge pipes do block your tow hook so be prepared for that. Youll have to cut that block that sits on the inside of the tow hook cover inorder to make your bumper fit as well. Overall great performance but terrible instructions and possibly the oddest design ive ever seen. Im posting some over head pictures incase anyone buys this. One thing is that im glad it has a lifetime warantee so i guess thats a positive. I wouldve rated this a perfect 5 if they had instuctions that made sense and or just had some installed pics. i Googled for one and the pipes were all welded together to i had to interpret that picture as well.
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Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler w/ Intake Black (Part Number: )