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cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
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cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish (Part Number: )
cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish
Ford Focus ST 2013+
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Part # FDCK00001T
msrp: $719.99

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Features & Product Details

The cp-e™ Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit has been designed to provide sufficient cooling efficiency to accommodate the modifications you provide for your vehicle. If you upgraded your intake, exhaust system, or performed any modification where horsepower will be produced or demanded, then an intercooler would be a great component in the list of modifications.

The design begins with maximizing the core size to fit without major modifications to the bumper or chassis. The core measures 28” x 8.25” x 5.5”, and it uses the bar and plate design to maximize efficiency. The cp-e™ intercooler core also features cast end tanks that are welded, and pressure tested with the core. Hours of shaping and internal design, as well as computer flow diagrams have been invested in the end tanks to eliminate as much turbulence as possible to maintain the drivability of the car like factory, while enlarging the intercooler drastically.

Features include:

Low turbulence end tank design
Minimal pressure drop
Maximized core design
Substantially lower and more consistent charge temps
Bolt-in design, no vehicle modification needed
Fully cast end tanks


Brand: cpe
Color: Titan Finish
Core Depth: 5.50 in
Core End Tank Material: Aluminum
Core Height: 8.25 in
Core Type: Bar and Plate
Core Width: 28.00 in
Includes New Clamps: No
Installation Hardware Included: No, reuses OEM
Intercooler Piping Included: No
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Condition: New Product
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cp-e Front Mount Intercooler Core Kit Titan Finish ( Part Number: FDCK00001T)
Good fitment, worth the money.  8 months ago
5out of 5stars

Bought this for my 2015 Focus ST (still running factory turbo). Install wasn't too bad though this thing is one heavy girl. Used a jack to hold up while I bolted it down. It does include new charge piping clamps and brackets for the top. It fits nice and snug though you do have to remove active grill shutters and the intercooler ducting. Looks mean. Especially being the 5.5" core you can see it very clearly through the bumper. The welds are all perfect and I couldn't find any flaws on the intercooler after a very thorough inspection. It also comes with detailed instructions though I found a video more helpful. Hardest part of the install was getting the bottom of the intercooler onto the factory mounting points. Some wiggling and tinkering was necessary. But all in all it wasn't too bad. Glad I bought this one instead of the smaller one. No noticeable lag and the car still hits peak boost (22 psi on my tune) with no trouble. Charge Temps stay a good 40-60 degrees lower during hard driving than they did with the factory intercooler. If you're between this one and the smaller CPE intercooler than definetely get this guy, even if you don't intend to go big turbo. No cons to it over the smaller one at all. All in all, it's a bit spendy but Definetely worth the money. Money well spent.
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  • Q: Cpe intercooler differences   Nicholi27899 months ago

    Hello, can you tell me the difference between this intercooler and the CPE lightweight intercooler? (Model #CPE FDCK00006T) The specs seem to be the same. However this one has a different model number is labeled "Titan finish". Is it just the finish that is different or is there something else? Thanks!
  • Q: Differences between cp-e's intercoolers?   Jon2 years ago

    I noticed that cp-e has two intercoolers for the Fiesta ST: model CPE FDCK00002T and model CPE FDCK00001T. Both intercoolers have the same dimensions as per the description but clearly look different in the images. Is there a difference besides the "Titan finish" between these intercoolers?
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  This will actually only fit the Focus ST, not the Fiesta ST. You will need Part # CPE FDCK00002T for your Ford Fiesta ST. We apologize for any confusion on this and will be updating the "Fitments" section for this.

      Brady R @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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