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Mishimoto Intercooler Hose Kit Black



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Mishimoto Intercooler Hose Kit Black ( Part Number: MMHOSE-SUB-INTBK)
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Works as you'd expect 4 months ago
Needed an upgrade from the old worn out piping on my car. Had a boost leak before so this is night and day to what I had. Fits well, clamps are great even though i had heard bad things about them. I'd imagine you can boost slightly faster with the improved piping and quality from Mishimoto. 10/10
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Good product  2 years ago

God these and satisfied with the quality. Clamps are very fat like everyone is saying but the hoses fit very good.
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Great Hoses 3 years ago
These hoses are great! They are easy to install, and are great quality. The only real hiccup I had was getting my old re-circulation hose off, but getting this new one on was a breeze. Like others have mentioned though, the clamps for the re-circulation hose are no-good. They are too small to fit on the bypass valve end, and they don't seem to clamp evenly. I ended up re-using some of the hose clamps that were on the hoses being replaced because of this (which I'm fine with). I re-used the clamps for the throttle body hose too (The clamps that came with this kit would have worked, but they are quite wide and would have covered the Mishimoto logo which would bug me, so I just re-used the old hose clamps instead). I did however use the supplied clamps for the y-Pipe and they work great!
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good product  3 years ago
good product easy to install good clamps
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Intercooler Hose Kit 2 years ago
Id give this product four out of five stars. Very easy install and fits perfect to the factory intercooler. Only problem was the clamps. Regular stainless clamps work much better.
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good flow 5 years ago
put this on my wrx, and it works wonderfully. The boost is more steady with less drop off. The by pass valve hose is a tight fit though.
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Meh. It works... 1 year ago
They look nice. The clamps are nice, but the regular worm drive clamps are kind of easier to work with, but I used a combo of both, t-clamps in the tight spaces and worm drive everywhere else. Also one of the t-clamps didn't even fit the hose as it was too small. The fit isn't perfect like I thought it would be. The bpv to turbo hose is a little short and the bends aren't exact. It looks like it wants to kink, but doesn't as far as I can tell. Performance seems fine, it does what it's supposed to do. Maybe the engine feels slightly smoother? Ease of install is crap. Since they are made of silicone, installing the hose onto the turbo inlet was a nightmare. The silicone does not have enough rigidity to help slide the hose over the turbo inlet. You really need an extra hand under the intercooler to help. I struggled for a good 30min trying to put it on and line up the throttle body inlet as well. Finally got it on, but I was frustrated. I needed a new throttle body coupler and I just bought this kit since I figure I'd do the other two on the aged car. The stock hard plastic turbo y-pipe doesn't degrade like the other hoses, so I probably wouldn't buy this kit again, but what I needed. Quality seems fine, just with a couple hiccups stated above.
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 3 years ago

the hose clamps are huge and a pain to install. i didn't use the y pipe because solid STI ones are better
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Consistent defect across multiple sets. 3 years ago
I bought some of these hoses back in December 2014 (it is now August 2015). And tried to forget about how bad they are but cant. The problem I had with 2 sets sent to me (and that I was told I could expect from all of them by RSD) was a partial membrane obstructing the air path where the two sections of the 'Y'-hose converge. (If You're willing to spend $100+ on hoses you would expect better flow right?) Additionally these hoses are a PITA to take on and off. I have spoken to others that have experienced this as well. I ended up buying the Samco hose set. Much easier to install and no defects. They're worth every extra penny.
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