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Mishimoto Intercooler Hose Kit Red



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Mishimoto Intercooler Hose Kit Red ( Part Number: MMHOSE-SUB-INT4RD)
Mishimoto hoses 5 years ago
4out of 5stars

Put them on my 07 STI, I had to shave them down a bunch only because I have the grimmspeed top mount intercooler installer. Looks great and a strong composite of materials. I'd recommend these to anyone
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Sturdy and high quality, but presents some challenges 6 years ago
4out of 5stars

These tubes have pretty thick walls. I highly recommend buying new worm gear hose clamps. If you have a heat gun they will be a little more compliant and easier to install. The recirc valve tube is a little cramped, but it works. They look great under the hood.
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Poor fit 4 years ago
2out of 5stars

The turbo to IC hose was too long to fit without trimming, throttle body hose was a touch short, and as others have mentioned, the clamps that come with the kit are hilariously undersized. Hose quality is pretty solid however.
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Disappointed  5 years ago
2out of 5stars

Very good packaging, great quality. The bpv hose is really tricky to get on the tube inlet tube. There is a hard pipe right in the way, it make it hard to get the hose and clamp on. I had better luck taking off my throttle body off the intake manifold. 2 problems I had was: 1. Two of the hose clamps were too small for the bpv hose. Either way you put them on they would not fit at all had to use worm clamps that I had laying around. 2. Right on the package it says no need to modify. I had to cut the bpv hose and the turbo outlet to the ic hose. Which sucked anyone that has taken off the ic knows it's a pain to get back on. Basically I had to cut the hose then install ic, take off cut some more then install again so I didn't cut too much. Only reason I gave 2 stars is because quality is top notch other than that I was pretty disappointed.
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Not worth the trouble 5 years ago
1out of 5stars

Hoses looked great, packaging was professional. As noted in other comments, the t-bolt clamps for the bpv hose are too small to be of any use. The real fun starts when you try to install these hoses. The bpv hose is of incorrect dimensions leading to kinking near where it connects to the intake. The hose running from the compressor outlet to the intercooler is also incorrectly sized which forced me to cut the hose, and since it is very soft rubber, it is almost impossible to get it pressed over the hose barbs. The intake manifold hose is too long which means that your intercooler will sit further back, making it difficult to bolt up your intercooler to the support brackets and will cause the (STI) intercooler to rub against the AC hard lines. Overall, this install was one of the most frustrating tasks I have attempted with my car (worse than changing engine mounts without removing the engine). RSD was great, but someone must make a better kit.
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