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Mishimoto Intercooler Hose Kit Black



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Great, but not perfect 5 years ago
4out of 5stars

A little tip for the install, make sure you fit each piece one by one multiple times to soften the VERY tight silicone. Being patient is also good, especially when putting on the 90deg elbow. Make sure you trim it a little to get the correct lenght (reference it to the stock elbow), because it will kink if too long. Still a great buy considering the cost of OEM replacements from Subaru. This is a great DIY project for the enthusiast :)
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Hose length 5 years ago
4out of 5stars

Good quality and all, but the elbow off the turbo required some trimming. One of the t-bolt clamps was messed up also. If it wasn't for these small issues, I'd rate it 5 stars.
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Good value, but requires some DIY... 5 years ago
3out of 5stars

Fitted this kit to my 06 WRX STI (ADM). The IC end of the elbow was too small of a diameter to fit without being stretched / forced on. As mentioned in other reviews, the turbo end of the elbow is also too long and needed to be trimmed. While the clamps were of decent quality, they were too big and bulky to fit easily. I only used them on the throttle body coupler and kept the rest as spares. Considering the kit is a fraction of the cost of OEM it's pretty good value. Just expect a bit of DIY to get it fitting properly.
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Fitment is very iffy. 3 years ago
2out of 5stars

I ordered as a guest, so it will not show as a Verified Purchase. The fitment for the throttle body coupler is a liiiiiittle too small. The BPV return hose fits pretty okay, but be wary; if you have a drive-by-wire throttle with an aftermarket turbo inlet, the coupler connecting the hose to the turbo inlet will sit very snug against the throttle controller on the throttle body. It works, but not well. The elbow coupler to the intercooler is a huge PITA to get on right. Ended up only using the BPV hose and purchased other items for the elbow and throttle body coupler. Definitely wouldn't recommend again. :/
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hoses are good, clamps are useless 5 years ago
2out of 5stars

I bought this kit to update the hoses on my 04 STi. I was attracted to the kit because of the price and that T-bolt clamps came with it. The trimming of the 90 degree elbow wasn't any big deal to me. After installing it I only ended up using 3 of the 6 clamps that came with it and will likely end up only using only 1 the next time I pull the IC off. The clamps for the BOV are a joke, there isn't a practical way of using them. I only used one clamp on the 90 because it was such a pain to do it with the two. I managed to use two of the clamps on the TB to IC connection but those will be removed next time because the benefit of the clamps isn't worth the hassle of using them. The hoses are great and for the price of the kit I believe it to be a good deal. I do not believe the clamps should be a selling point for the product, as they arr not practical.
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