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Grimmspeed TMIC Y-Pipe Kit Red

MODEL # GRM090095


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2006 STI 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

After comparing this to the stock Y-Pipe you can tell the GrimmSpeed one will flow way better. Super easy to install. I installed this on my stock STI intercooler. I know GrimmSpeed sells the Y-Pipe and BOV gaskets separate but I wish they included them in the kit.
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Fits good. But the supplied 90 degree hose will require trimming. 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

Overall, this is a very good product with its affordable price and quality casting. I bought this to replace my OEM 2011 WRX STI Y-pipe due to busted WMI bung. As stated on the manual, the supplied Grimmspeed 90 degree silicone hose will require trimming (to match the STI OEM 90 Degree hose) when paired with OEM turbo. What I did was re-use the OEM 90 degree hose because it is still in good shape, but I did have to eye ball how deep should the 90 degree hose be inserted into the Y pipe. It ended up to be a very snug fit, which is great. If I may provide a suggestion, it will be great if Grimmspeed supplied a measurement of how much to trim because I can imagine the difficulties of trimming the 90 degree hose if I do not have the OEM 90 degree hose as template.
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2004 WRX Wagon 3 years ago
4out of 5stars

As much of a PITA as you'd expect, but it wasn't that hard. Patience and time goes a long way. Installation took about 2 hours. I had to trim the silicone that connects to the turbo outlet.
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Grimmspeed Y pipe - Fail. 10 months ago
2out of 5stars

Could be a great product however two factors seriously effect this, first off, the mounting holes to attach to the bottom of my stock TMIC did not align correctly....3 of the 4 lined up perfectly, but the 4th hole was a complete hole diameter "off" I could not believe it, but sadly true. Secondly and just as important, this is supposed to be a performance upgrade, right? Well fact of the matter is upon even casual examination only a blind person could miss the very obvious rough surface on the insides of the Grimmspeed Y pipe itself, very rough!!! The internal flow surface of my stock Y pipe was markedly SMOOTHER than the Grimmspeed Y pipe. The fact here is both air and fluids travel easier and faster thru pipes and hoses that have smooth internal walls. There is NO way the the flow rate of the Grimmspeed Y pipe I received could come anywhere close to my stock unit. Impossible. So maybe it was divine intervention, but That hole mis-alignment gave me an opportunity to stop, and really check out the Grimmspeed Y pipe, So it was a complete No Brainer....I reinstalled my stock Y pipe, using the Grimmspeed hoses, and they are really great...seriously. But since I "broke up a pre-packaged kit" I'm now stuck with the Y pipe....I called and spoke with the Cust Svc rep and that's what he told me....unless I include the hoses with the return as well....umm. not going to take my IC off to return the only usable (and good) part of this kit. I noted an earlier review where the buyer "could tell by just looking at it" that it would flow much better than stock......If that is the case then I surely got one that Grimmspeed Q.C. completely missed. I'm no newbie....Im 60 yrs old and have been tracking and hot rodding my 911 Porsche for 20 years. Peace Out.
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