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GrimmSpeed TGV to Engine Gaskets

MODEL # GRM 032001


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gasket 7 months ago
they work
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2006 STI built long block 2 years ago
I threw these on with phenolic spacers. Great gaskets at a great price.
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Grimmspeed TGV gaskets 4 years ago
Grimmspeed gaskets had no issues with my engine build. Much better than OEM in my opinion
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Well they're gaskets, and they work 4 years ago
These look identical to the OEM gaskets I had. I needed them for my 8mm phenolic spacers I was installing. Just make sure you evenly clamp everything down nice and tight! As far as the holes being too small, I used a 45 degree bent small needlenose plier, opened it slightly, and pushed on either side of the hole. This made it go on the nub without issue. Really a small issue w/ the right tools.
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Gasket is what gasket is 5 years ago
Its a gasket, It works.
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It's a Gasket, People... 5 years ago
Despite what a few early reviews say, these gaskets are excellent and fit excellent. Either they were bad at one point in time and GrimmSpeed changed them, or there are people out there who simply don't know how to finesse a gasket into place. They fit perfectly.
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Worked as they should 5 years ago
Very simple product that should be very simple to use. Guess what? They were. I'm becoming a big fan of grimmspeed.
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Can't go wrong with Grimmspeed.  6 years ago
Great quality as usual from Grimmspeed. The cost is also very reasonable. Thanks RSD.
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Nothing beats these... 6 years ago
Theyre always in stock. And these are the best when doing TGV job, spacers i sugget double up on them. Best way to do it. . Great price also
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Great product 7 years ago
Swiss Greg
Fit perfectly and cheaper than OEM gasket! Great product
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Fits and looks great 7 years ago
great fitment, combined with phenolic spacers for a great match.
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Awesome gaskets! 7 years ago
The fitment is great, the quality is great, and the price is by far the best!
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Eh 1 year ago
may be better off getting OEM gaskets. Putting the intake manifold back on the car with a big turbo inlet hose can be a pain. A couple of bolt holes on these gaskets weren't accurate. We had to manipulate the gasket just to get the bolts all the way seated and threaded.
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Ok purchase 5 years ago
These gaskets do work and are good for the price but the holes didn't line up properly on my 2012 STI. It's still possible to use them but it can be a pain in the butt if you don't modify the holes a little before install.
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Alignment holes that don't. 5 years ago
The alignment pin holes are in the wrong place. The gaskets work, but you'll need to use a socket or something to punch the gasket down over the alignment pin.
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OEM is always best 6 years ago
I picked up a set of these for my recent engine rebuild. The small alignment holes on these were actually a bit off - which is surprising considering I've always had excellent quality from Grimmspeed. The alignment holes were too small, causing me to force the gasket down onto the heads. The gaskets themselves were also too long - when both alignment holes were finally seated the gasket would get bunched up, causing an upward curve in the middle. I ended up using OEM gaskets, and they fit perfectly on my 2007 STI.
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