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Process West Intake Manifold Track Version (Reverse Throttle Position) ( Part Number:PRW PWIM001)

Process West Intake Manifold Track Version (Reverse Throttle Position) - Subaru STI 2004+

Manufacturer Part # PWIM001


MSRP: $1,935.00

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The Process West range billet manifolds is a no holes barred manifestation of what is possible under the hood of a WRX/STI when perfect aesthetics meet high end performance. What you see here is the result of years of research and testing, multiple prototypes and a ground up redesign of the original ground breaking "Corsa Veloce" product range. Available in two major configurations they feature a full billet plenum with generous billet bell mouths and thick wall polished CNC mandrel bent tube components. High end TIG welding assembly makes them suitable for up to 100psi boosted applications. No other product comes close to this level of strength and detail.

This is the pinnacle of induction systems for the Subaru WRX/STI range. The plenum volume and runner length combination has been optimized for brutal low and mid range torque while increasing top end power aggressively. They've had customers pull off other aftermarket intake manifold systems to install this as performance is unmatched. Gains on even a stock setup are quite high at 10%+ however they recommend the Track version manifold for any performance setup not requiring AC up to the most extreme track and drag cars.
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Brand: Process West
Finish: Polished
Installation Hardware Included: No
Material: Billet Aluminum

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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  • Q: vacuum nipples   colessti 2 years ago


    Hello, I have this intake manifold but its the track version DBW . What is the size and thread pitch for the 5 holes in the back. Mine didn't come with anything. Also I noticed one of your customers had trouble with fitment with the throttle body. I had the same issue with my out front motor sports relocation bracket hitting. You will have to ditch that entire bracket and use the factory bracket and flip the alternator to the other side and either use the a/c compressor bracket to secure the other side or buy Iag's bractet.

    • A: The threads are 1/8 and 1/4 bspt in size.

      Jared A. 2 years ago
  • Q: Process west intake manifold (track version)   Mike 2 years ago


    What all is included with the intake manifold? Does it include alternator relocation hardware and belt? Are risers required for the intake manifold like when rotating the stock STI manifold or will risers not be needed? Will a spacer be required for the throttle body as well or no?

    • A: This is only for the manifold, vacuum nipples or plugs will have to be sourced depending on what you need. No alternator relocation is included. Risers are not required for the intake manifold and a spacer is not required for the throttle body either, the standard TB should bolt right up to the manifold.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
    • A: This intake has been nothing but a great headache trying to mount Throttle Body and alternator. On my sons 2006 STI readily available alternator relocation kit/bracket will not work as the alternator hits the throttle body itself if clocked to different poisition and if left in stock position it hits the large plastic Drive By Wire housing and the long slotted bracket hits it on the front as well. We are waiting for a TB spacer so we can clock the TB upside down to make it work but doesnt look like it will. The TB sticks out too far and points slightly down on this intake interfering with mounting of relocated alternator. No where on Process West site or vendors sites is fitment issues mentioned. So be expected to fab up your own custom relocation brackets to try and make this work. First picture shows the problem and how far its off to clear the TB. Second picture shows TB clocked 45 degrees but alternator is still hitting side of TB and no way will the slotted bracket get behind the alt hole cause alt hole is up against TB.

      briann51035766 2 years ago
    • A: Update on using a spacer for TB. No still wont clear the slotted bracket needs to be trimmed and TB itself needs to be ground down on side for alternator to clear it. We are now going to ditch the stock TB and go with a aftermarket larger bore 75mm one which actually has more clearance on alternator side and should work. Whats another $500+ dollars to make this intake work.

      briann51035766 2 years ago
    • A: OK finally had to modify the stock ac bracket and use the P&L tensioner with our rotated and reversed fmic kit. Little more refining to be done but it fits. That is an Boomba Racing 75mm throttle body as it gives more room than stock one for alternator clearance. Kudos to EQ tuning in Fairfield for taking a lot of time figuring all this out!

      briann51035766 2 years ago
  • Q: Rotated kit needed?  jeff88blake93836 5 years ago


    I have a stock location turbo. Do i need to go rotated to run this?

    • A: This is for rotated intake manifold, there the throttle body faces the front of the car. Please refer to the images listed below to see how it fits on the car.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: 08+ STI Fitment Question  SMY Performance 5 years ago


    will the AC need to be removed or alternator relocated to make this fit? I am aware of a custom FMIC would need to be made to make this work. Do you guys have installed pictures of this unit on a car?

    • A: Yes, AC compressor will need to be removed and alternator relocation is also required.

      Process West 5 years ago
    • A: Will the Street version manifold look this nice?

      SMY Performance 5 years ago
    • A: street manifold is just as nice

      Process West 5 years ago
    • A: When will this street version be available?

      SMY Performance 5 years ago
    • A: Any update as to the availability of the street version?

      Tyrial 5 years ago
    • A: I have heard that it will be available soon within 30-60 days RSD will have them. The street version looks just as amazing has the reverse intake manifold.

      SMY Performance 5 years ago
  • Q: 08+ WRX Fitment?  ironstuner2270974 5 years ago


    Would this fit an 09 WRX?

    • A: This unit can be made to fit, but will require custom work such as intercooler piping, turbo inlet fitment and so forth. So it can work, but it will not be direct factory bolt on.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago