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Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
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Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts (Part Number: )
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts
Subaru Forester XT 2003-2008
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Part # 097025

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Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct is proud to carry the Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts. The main intention behind this design is to basically make your life a little easier. With the addition of hood struts, you get better clearance for maintenance for eliminating the factory hood prop, and it makes opening the hood with just a fingertip. 

Grimmspeed employed some of the finest gas springs available which are the same gas springs utilized on high-end OEM manufacturers. And they will come with super durable ball studs that will not break over time. The design of these hood struts features a large neutral position in the center which allows you to pop your hood half way up while at a car show without having to worry about finding the sweet spot to make the hood stay put. From this position, the hood can easily be opened all the way (higher than stock), or closed. This brings an overall great balance for a gas hood strut design that is easy and convenient. 

New ball studs, as well as all the required hardware needed for the installation, will be included. 



Brand: GrimmSpeed
Color: Black
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: Lifetime
Condition: New Product
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Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts ( Part Number: 097025)
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts ( Part Number: 097025)
Grimmspeed High Lift Hood Struts ( Part Number: 097025)
Awesome mod 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

Gives me a lot more room and light in the engine bay to work. Wish they were adjustable so it could be closer to stock for regular stuff like checking fluids, but open up more when doing more involved jobs
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such a simple thing makes a big difference 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

There is nothing worse than working on your car from the side and standing too quickly just to hit your head on the hood. With these installed your hood will go almost as far back as possible without having to use the em hood prop. After spending thousands on the car this has to be one of my favorite simple mods that really makes a big difference.
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It's all in the details 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

This was one of the mods I was most excited for and followed Grimmspeed's updates through the design period as well. First impressions were great, quality hardware, great looking mounting brackets, clean struts. I was unable to find forester specific install instructions, and their mounting tabs were a bit different than the impreza models, so I had to do some digging for other installed pictures to see how they went. I also thought it was weird that the hardware threads were metric, but the heads appeared to be SAE sized. Wasn't a big deal, but I did have to dig around for my 13mm tools. The gold badge on the hood struts really looks great in person but is hard to capture in a photo. A very nice touch. The high lift took some getting used to. Yes, it does have definite pros, working on the car after these are installed is a breeze, nothing is in the way and it gives better natural lighting. A couple of the cons, it is much taller, and I kind of forgot about it when I had my car on jack stands and tried to open my garage door and it hit the hood. Totally my own fault, but just be aware that it does sit higher. Also, even though I'm 6'3 I have to stretch to reach the hood to close it, and I now prefer to walk around the side to avoid leaning on the front bumper and grill. Also, it really makes the dirty underside of the hood much more noticeable. Overall, still definitely a must have mod, great execution and the pros make it definitely worth it.
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I can see 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

One of the best mods so far. One of my concerns was winter temps causing the struts to fail. GrimmSpeed had a testing video in Minneapolis during a balmy winter @ - temps and they held up just fine.....sold on that alone!! You will really kick yourself in the arse for not putting these on sooner. I can finally see my engine and work without fear of hitting that damned makes life so much easier.....downside you can see just how dirty your engine is. Buy it!
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The best mod if you're planning for other mods 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

So.....I went a little nuts and pretty much ordered one of EVERYTHING GrimmSpeed makes to fit my Forester. This part was BY FAR the most helpful thing EVER. With trying to install everything, I don't have to worry about reaching in from either side, I don't have to worry about getting in from the front, and (most importantly), I don't have to worry about a dead-weight, in-the-way-all-the-$&%*-time metal bar hanging out RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO GET TO. I have not yet put the gold emblems that these come with on the bars, as I'm deciding whether or not I want to have them embellished or let them show off the printed logo, but the fact that it is on the struts (they didn't just pick up random ones at the local auto parts store), as well as the die-cut on the mounting brackets is just awesome to me. Because of how easy they are to put in (I did it during a lunch break in an empty car wash bay), and how helpful they are, they're by far my favorite mod.
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