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Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
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Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads (Part Number: )
Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads
Subaru STI 2004-2017 / Mitsubishi Evo / OEM Brembo Applications
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Part # HB453N.585
msrp: $195.92

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Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct carries the Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads for those of you looking for a brake pad qualified to handle high-performance driving conditions such as auto-x and weekend track events. 

Key Features:

  • Extremely high friction output
  • Fade-resistant
  • Worthy for autocross and club racing events
  • Can sustain the heat of the track, and can get you home safely without having to change the pads
  • Utilizes a unique Ferro-Carbon high-tech friction material that has been developed for the sport of driving in auto-x, solo II, and track day applications
  • Ferro Carbon offers lower rear rates and higher torque values than other competitive materials
  • NOTES:

  • All brake pads have to be bedded-in with the rotors whether new or used to maximize brake performance
  • For the front location
  • Fits vehicle with the BREMBO option
  • WARNING! Due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve "race-level" braking, rotor wear, noise, dust, and pad life may be affected.



    Brand: Hawk
    Brake Pad Material: Cerametallic
    For Use with Stock Calipers: Yes
    Heat Range: 60-900°F
    Location: Front
    QTY: Sold as a Set
    Recommended Use: Auto Cross
    Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    Condition: New Product
    Return Policy:

    RallySport Guarantee - 30 Days

    Items that are covered under the RallySport Guarantee offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

    RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

    The RallySport Guarantee does not apply to products that have been modified, damaged, misused or abused. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, and freight charges are strictly non-refundable. For more information regarding our freight refund policy, please refer to our return policy page found HERE.



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    Hawk HP Plus Front Brake Pads ( Part Number: HB453N.585)
    Nice pads 10 months ago
    5out of 5stars

    Good pads. Only thing that got me is they dont provide shims. But otherwise great product
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    2013 WRX STI Hatch: Great pads with a better pedal feel. They screech loudly though.  3 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    For the price the pads provide the user with exceptional street performance, which includes repeated hard stops from a decent speed. The brake pedal feel is stiffer than with the stock pads, and its modulation is better as well. The issues I see with these pads on a daily driven cars are the chilling screech the pads make when doing city, and stop and go driving. Even when warm the pads still screech loudly when the brake pedal is applied, but thats the compromise you have to make if you want to use a more aggressive pad on the street. All in all I would still recommend the pads to someone who's looking for better than stock performance for a reasonable price. Just be ready for the screeching noise
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    not recommended for daily driving  4 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    so i bought these after a lot of research for a daily driven wrx with brembo swap with dba 4000 series rotors. 2days on it now and i decided to take off and go for something else because of the excessive noise levels it make everytime i come to a stop. it is so annoying that i decided to take off. but the important thing as the manufacturer says these are track pads and they are meant to be that way. initial bite was superb and brake pedal response is so good that i hate to take them out.
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    Great track pads! 4 years ago
    4out of 5stars

    I took my 2015 STI to a local track day event. Having a Stage 2 setup in the power department, I decided to upgrade the stock Brembo pads to the Hawks HP+. I upgraded the brake lines and changed fluids to Motul to go along with these pads. I'm glad I did! Its got strong, initial bite. Its braking power was consistently strong as you apply the brake pedals further down. Very good stopping power over stock. I did not experience brake fade and was consistent throughout my track time (20 mins x 5 sessions). Downside... lots of brake dusts and noisy! And since this has higher braking performance, this may put more wear on your stock rotors. So I would not recommend these as your daily driver brake pads. Overall, I'm very pleased with these as my track day pads!
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    Great stoping power 6 years ago
    4out of 5stars

    had these pads front and rears with slotted rotors for a week now they stop very good, break-in was easy, but they have some noise at slow speeds approaching lights and stop signs. Over would be great for autocross and light race use.
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    • Q: Hawk HP plus  Laksono8 years ago

      will this fits my 07 WRX STI Spec C JDM? Thx and regards
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        A:  Unfortunately we cannot confirm fitment on non-USDM models. These pads will work with the 2007 WRX STI USDM models that have the stock Brembo kit. You will want to check and verify that your vehicle uses this same kit and that the brake pad shape is the same.

        guest5666f5312a8d25ff038bdab9 @
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      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  Yes they will fit. I currently have them on my race car

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