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Stoptech Drilled Rotor Pair Front

MODEL # STP 128.47021-GRP


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Better over time 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

For some reason I can't update my previous review. They did groove after the first track day, but they smoothed out over the next month or so after that and have not become grooved after 3 more track days. I just replaced pads and inspected the rotors. No warping, no grooving, and they still look brand new. They don't get surface rust like the stock ones do, so they always look good. Not sure why they became grooved the first time, but they haven't let me down since then.
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No better than stock. Grooved after one track day. 4 years ago
2out of 5stars

I have these on a 2010 WRX. After one track day the rotors are grooved so bad that it feels like there's sand in my brakes every time I touch them. These aren't the most expensive rotors you can get, but they're also not the cheapest, so I wouldn't recommend these at all. Either just get the cheapest ones you can find (i.e. Centric) which won't be any worse than these, or spend a little extra for good rotors that won't heat up so fast and groove so quickly.
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