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Cosworth High Flow Synthetic Air Filter

MODEL # COS1 20002278


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2018 WRX 7 months ago
Good product, lighting fast shipping!! Thanks!
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Cosworth makes a quality product, again!  7 months ago
I bought this Cosworth Drop-In filter for my 15 WRX, just because I needed to replace my old dirty stock one. This filter is well worth the money invested. The throttle now reacts more quickly and efficiently. The sound of the intake and turbo have slightly increased, and I’ve seemed to get slightly better gas mileage as well. All around, this filter is well worth the money!
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I'm disappointed...... 1 year ago
I'm disappointed that I couldn't be the first person to give this less than a five star review. This $48 dollar product is absolutely mind blowing. Throttle response is greatly improved and smoothed out, no more choppyness during normal driving situations in the lower rpm, and I could swear it's easier to rev match and shift in general. The sound of of the intake is definitely a little louder .... aka more awesome. And to top it off, for the first time basically ever on my MAP stage 1 tune I had ZERO.... ZzzzEeeRrrOooo -1.41 knock readings on my half hour test drive. I just feel in love with my wrex all over again. Seriously, my mind is blown that such a simple, stupid sounding"upgrade" could make as much of a difference as it did. Well exceeded my expectations. Buy it.... now.....
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Awesome value for the money!  1 year ago
I was on RallySports website looking for parts for my newly acquired 2017 WRX, and as I was about ready to check out I noticed this Cosworth air filter had a ton of 5 star ratings. I thought it seemed a little odd for such a basic item, but all the reviews said it was well worth it, so I said what the heck, may as well. After receiving the package I installed the air filter on my new WRX with only 602 mils on it, still breaking it in. I was very surprised to find that even while keeping it below the 3000rpm limit during the break in process, the benefits of the filter were very noticeable. The car runs and drives much smoother, and the choppyness at part throttle lower rpm (normal driving) was mostly eliminated. 100% worth every penny, just buy it!
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Cosworth 3 years ago
This filter seems to work well I had a k&n prior to this but didn't trust the filtration so I researched and bought this filter seems to perform well I'm happy with my purchase
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Perfect fit and flow 4 years ago
This is a great replacement for the factory airbox filter. I use it on my Stage 2 '15 FXT =)
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Never going back to OEM 4 years ago
At 15k on my 2013 WRX, it was time for a new filter. As expected the old one had a bunch of random debris caked all over it. Purchased this as Cosworth is very quality stuff. Direct drop in, 5 minute job. Over the course of about 100 miles now, I've noticed an immediate improvement with MPG, average about 1.5MPG higher now, driving 4 miles to work one way. Before I would average 16.9, now I am pushing 18.6
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Great filter 4 years ago
This was very easy to install and improved my gas mileage by 1-2 mpg. Quality product.
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09 WRX minor build 5 years ago
Just put in this filter in my car tonight. stock air box is PITA in my opinion but none the less is in and INSTANTLY felt a noticeable difference during start, idle, normal driving, and good pulls. It quieted the sound of the car overall at idle to almost none existent. Throttle was crisper a little bit and significantly smoother through the entire RPM range. Supremely impressed with a Drop in Filter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ALOT of bang for your buck. Great investment! Seriously happy i bought this!
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2013 Subaru Legacy 3.6R 5 years ago
Bought this because there aren't many things I can do to the 3.6R engine, it being naturally aspirated and all. Bought this basically because it was Cosworth and makes me feel special. It did increase my MPG about 2.5, up to 26 from 24 average all around. I'd say it's worth the price too, because it can be cleaned and reused.
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If you want to graduate....  5 years ago
I have a 2014 STI and I am on the fence when it comes to cold air intake. I know the stock intake can handle upwards of 350+ horse and technically my car comes with 302hp stock, but what does that really mean I'm putting down? So realistically I am no where near 350hp. I purchased this filter and will run stage 1 with the cobb access port for now. As far as the install, it was seamless. i combined this with the installation of the Beatrush pitch mount (another must have). I also removed the silencer like baffle that was suffocating the intake, not sure why Subaru did that. I cannot confirm any change in noise when accelerating, but I have a ton of cabin noise between the tranny mount, engine mount, pitch mount, Kartboy short throw shifter/bushings, and Greddy EVO exhaust. I do, however, find it easier to maintain better MPG after this install. Nothing significant, right at 1.5-2 MPG better over stock, but it's something. Good luck, hope this helps.
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Outstanding quality and subtle/refined sound 5 years ago
Ordered this through a friend because he had a 10% off discount with his brake order (Thanks Karan, you so sexy!) My stock filter had feathers in it and was really dirty, unsure of when it was last replaced. Upon opening this I was surprised by the quality and density of the blue filtration media. At the same time I cleaned my MAF sensor with MAF cleaner, so I can't say if any difference is due to the cleaner filter or the cleaner sensor. Feels as though the car runs more smoothly through the midrange and the nice subtle induction noise starting at 3.5k compliments my exhaust nicely. Top notch from a top name. I'd even buy this without the discount even though it's twice the price of the OEM filter. Because quality. Because sound. Because bragging rights!
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It's cosworth quality! 5 years ago
the sti hatch guy
Perfect fitment! Installation was beyond simple. I switched over to the stage 2+cpf map and so far so good. Induction sound has a different note to it now but other then that I'd recommend this to anyone. Best part is, no oil involved :)
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It's cosworth quality! 5 years ago
the sti hatch guy
Perfect fitment! Installation was beyond simple. I switched over to the stage 2+cpf map and so far so good. Induction sound has a different note to it now but other then that I'd recommend this to anyone. Best part is, no oil involved :)
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Great OEM replacement 5 years ago
I will be adding this filter to my routine maintenance list. Easy install, perfect fit. I could be imaging things.. but the throttle response has improved too.
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Very good 5 years ago
Mpg avg after first 10k in car was 22.2. Put this in instead of the k&n because of the oiling issue I had seen on blogs. Mpg went down to 18 for the first 100 miles But after computer got used to the extra air... I have avg 23.4. Over the last 1k. Will definitely make this replacement every 10k.
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Quality filter 5 years ago
This plus the CPF map with the Cobb Accessport worked great. It has noticeable increase in sound over the stock filter. No noticeable gains in power, torque or idle. Great product. I would buy it again! Cant beat the customer service at RallySportDirect either!
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Perfect fitment in stock airbox 5 years ago
Great option for those who dont want an oiled filter replacement
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Cosworth Air Filter 5 years ago
Excellent product! Buy it again in a heartbeat.
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Great OEM Replacement 5 years ago
It took 5 minutes to install and works great. It would have taken less time, but my fat fingers kept getting in the way. I have not noticed any increased power or noise, but if your looking for a better filter than stock this is a great choice.
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Cosworth panel filter in 2012 sti 5 years ago
Installed the filter and changed Cobb AP map to stage1+Cosworth filter octane 93. After 2 weeks of DD: may be just in my head, I feel less torque (just a little bit less push on my back at hard acceleration) but better and smoother throttle response. This difference may also come from the maps, the version I had before was v310 not the 330. Overall, I like this filter, no oil is a big plus already.
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great choise 5 years ago
i tried a few of the drop in filters for my 2012 sti, perrin, apexi, eam, all were better than the stock filter but the cosworth one is on top! was impressed just by the sound, of course its not even comparable to an intake sound but definitely louder than the oem stock filter. and cobb just released they're stage 1+ cosworth filter map, thats why i decided to give it a try. not sure if it makes any gains what so ever or its all in our heads but if your not ready to get an intake yet, this and the cobb ap is your best bet.
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Cosworth Filter 5 years ago
Well i just got mine in and my wrx has right around 9,xxx miles. My stock filter seen better days and with this it seemed to just be that little bit better response. Nothing serious but still worth the replace.
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Great product!! 6 years ago
Perfect fit .best replacement. Thanks RSD
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Best drop in I've found  6 years ago
Had the K&N and all the cotton drop-ins and so far none can compare to the filtration of this product. I drive I'm extremely dusty conditions, so this is exactly what I was looking for. You can't see through this filter, it collects all the dust and you can clean it without oils. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, it feels like just a slight boost in power over stock drop-ins. All in all it's a great product. Of you're not ready for a cold air intake or a short ram, this should be right up your alley.
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Nice filter. 6 years ago
Nice construction. No-oil element means no messed up MAF readings and easier maintenance.
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Nice 6 years ago
I really like this product.. thank you
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Cosy Air Filter 6 years ago
Great filter from a Great company. My K&N has seen better days after 25k it was time to go. Knowing this filter has no oil gives me piece of mind. The sucking sound is clear as a bell even with the stock intake, minus the noise chamber. Definitely including this in my maintenance schedule of 15k replacements.
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Cosworth Quality! 10 months ago
Cosworth has been at it for YEARS! It shows in this product. Great filter. No need to take anything apart, just put it right in!
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