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Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
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Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter (Part Number: )
Apexi Panel Filter
Subaru/Nissan Models (inc. 2002-2007 WRX/STi / 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z)
Read 21 Reviews | 4 Q&As
Part # 503-N101
msrp: $35.00

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Features & Product Details

Apexi is a household name in the world of JDM aftermarket products, and have made go fast parts employed by some of the fastest cars in motorsports. So you can trust Apexi even when it comes down to a simple panel filter for your vehicle.

The Apexi panel filters are a dry cotton style filter that offers a lot of surface coverage for the most effective filtration as possible. This filter is ideal for those of you who may not want to opt for an aftermarket cold air style filter just yet. The Apexi panel filter will out-perform, and out-filter your factory panel filter which will provide better performance and fuel economy.


Brand: Apexi
Filter Color: Red
Filter Element Type: Dry
Filter Material: Cotton
Filter Reusable: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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21 Reviews
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Apexi Panel Filter ( Part Number: 503-N101)
Apexi Panel Filter ( Part Number: 503-N101)
No Complaints. 2 months ago
International shipping was on time and packaging was top notch. Perfect fit. Comes with a sticker to remind you when it was changed. No complaints.
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Work like a charm! 10 months ago
Drops right in, seems to work well. Quality product.
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2003 WRX/Apexi Thoughts 1 year ago
The quality of this filter is superb. The frame around it is solid and completes itself with the rubber gasket surrounding the top to ensure that the filter box is sealed. It's a little more expensive than a cheap filter from Autozone when factoring in the shipping. But, would I buy it again? Definitely! I mean, who wouldn't want more JDM in their Subaru? I did notice slightly better throttle response, but that's more likely due to changing out the dirty filter. There isn't any noticeable increase in power since it's just a drop-in filter. The included date/mileage record sticker is a nice touch so you can keep track of when to change the filter again.
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A+ 2 years ago
fit my 07 impreza 2.5i perfectly
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Quality for a decent price 2 years ago
I don't write many reviews but this is a good product. I've had three of these filters and not one problem. Better flow than OEM without sacrificing in filtration quality. It's a great little upgrade for those who want to keep their stock airbox.
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  • Q: Apexi filter  Fab5 months ago

    Will this fit my 2002 Impreza RS?
  • Q: Lifespan?   Cole Matthews5 years ago

    Just installed it tonight on my 2002 WRX sedan. Fits perfectly and has worked great so far. I live in south Florida and it is my daily driver. How many miles can I expect out of this filter? No auto-x or track or anything, just some spirited driving here and there :) thanks. I presume around 4k?
  • Q: Will this filter work on my car?  hhhp7 years ago

    Hi i have a 2007 subaru impreza 2.5i and i want to replace its stock air filter. In the owner's manual it says that the stock filter has oil on it so given that this Apexi is a dry filter i was wondering if it will not cause any unwanted effects on the air sensor or the intake system. Thank you
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  Great question! The reason the stock filter has an oil on it is because it is a wet designed filter. This one is a dry, as you stated. We have many many customers running this filter with zero downsides! There is no unwanted effects on the air sensor.

      Sterling W. @ RallySport Direct 7 years ago  
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