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Sparco Harness Bar Gray  ( Part Number:SPR1 30022G)

Sparco Harness Bar Gray

Part #: SPR1 30022G


Brand: Sparco
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Gray
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Material: Steel
Mounting Type: Bolt In

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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Featuring all hand built high quality construction that is beautifully powder coated. This Sparco harness bar allows the use of racing harness in your WRX without having to install a full roll cage. The resulting ride stiffens the center of the car allowing the WRX to handle much harder cornering loads.

This bar allows for a secure and proper installation of a harness with out sacrificing safety.

Will install without any modifications. It fits in the hatchback and sedan. The harness bar is set so that the front seats are able to recline. Rear Passengers are not to ride in the back seat while the harness bar is installed.


Verified Purchase

Great Addition
Moose 6 years ago
The first thing you'll notice about the Sparco Harness Bar is the attention to quality. The welds and materials used represent Sparco's attention to detail. More importantly - it has the structural integrity on its own to serve its purpose. Installation - easy as chips. The install instructions aren't the most detailed documents in the world, but you will definitely get by without them. The most difficult decision you will face is about whether to use another factory spacer when attaching to mounting points. In saying that, watch out the fuel lines running alongside the mounting points don't get crimped down (unlikely it will happen - but keep an eye on the clearance). Structural integrity - once installed and no doubt you want to check the stability out, you can tell it will definitely serve its purpose. A few fellow enthusiasts have already said they did not expect it to be as stable as first thought. The angle of the harness is kept at a respectable angle, just below 90 degrees. The length of the harness strap is also greatly reduced to a few inches. This is the only way to install a harness to have short straps and an angle as close to horizontal as possible. That means safety! Last of all - the gray harness bar matches beautifully with the interior of the wrx. Looks like a factory fitted option - if only right? If you're like me, and like to spend the extra cash to do something right and possibly reduce the risk of serious injury on the race track - consider the Sparco harness bar.

  • Q: will they be made again?  snowflakemizu51417 4 years ago


    is there a reason why these havent been in stock.. or were these discontinued by sparco

    • A: This item is currently discontinued by Sparco

      Kirill C. 4 years ago
  • Q: 2012 subaru sti  Ryan / Teo 5 years ago


    can people still sit in back seat

    • A: There is room, but we suggest against it. As in case of an accident the rear occupants will get seriously injured/killed by the bar.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: Mounting   fistrzac000 5 years ago


    Do you still bolt the over the shoulder belt to the floor

    • A: Those would now be mounted to the harness bar itself by wrapping the harness over the bar

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: Rear Passengers  WRX Mike 5 years ago


    Sure Sparco says you shouldn't have any rear passengers and it probably isn't safe but can people still physically sit in the rear?

    • A: Physically yes, but its HIGHLY recommended not to. In case of a accident this bar to a rear occupant could be fatal

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: Harness / seat adjustment  11DGMSTI4D 6 years ago


    Is there a preferred 4 point clip in harness that works with this setup on a GR chassis? Do the supports interfere with the seat sliding to the full back position?

    • A: This harness bar will actually work with any Competition 4 or 6 point harness. As for the set, you will be able to slide the seat all the way back. However you will now limit how far back it can recline.

      Kirill C. 6 years ago