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Defi Temp Sensor 1/8PT



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Defi Temp Sensor 1/8PT ( Part Number: PDF00903S)
It works for the lamco gauge! 1 year ago
5out of 5stars

I installed this on my 04 fxt that I added the lamco 3 pack to. When I got the gauges the oem sender was not included so I started researching and saw some inconclusive posts about the defi sender working. Immediately after I installed it I was worried because my temps were way too low. I was seeing 80°C after climbing 10 miles of mountains on i70. The range of temps seemed normal though it was as low as 65° when coasting down hill so a range of about 15°. I found out there is a blue adjustment screw on the back of the gauge. Turned it a little and put my temps where I think they should be. I will be calibrating it properly with a thermometer and hot water when I get a chance but for now it's good enough. The picture is from after the car cooled down a bit.
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Lamco Oil Temp Gauge 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

Hi, I have 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.0 GT RS (GC8) with original Lamco gauges. The oil temp gauge isn't works. Do You think it would work this replaced the oil temp sensor with my Lamco gauges? Thank You! Peter
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Works w/ Lamco Oil Temp Gauge 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

I replaced the oil temp sensor from my oil pan drain with this Defi sensor & relocated it to the oil galley on cylinder #3 using the Subaru 1/8 PT adapter. I had to splice in the connector from the stock wiring for it to work with the Lamco oil temp gauge.
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great product easy install 7 years ago
5out of 5stars

My STI Genome gauge sensor went bad. I bought this because I was told that Defi is the manufacturer for these gauges. It worked like a charm direct replacement no splicing necessary plug and play. Rallysport delivered this very quickly and well packaged as usual ... I love this site !!!
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