AEM Intake Air Temperature Sensor ( Part Number:AEM 30-2010)

AEM Intake Air Temperature Sensor

MODEL # AEM 30-2010
Manufacturer Part # 30-2010


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Cooler air intake temperatures mean more horsepower. Keep track of those temperature levels with one of these AEM Intake Air Temperature Sensor kits. They include a 3/8in NPT aluminum weld-in bung, connector plug, and flying lead and sensor to complete the installation.
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Brand: AEM
Fittings Included: Yes
OEM Replacement: No
QTY: 1
Range: -40f to 275f

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

2006 STI- speed density- ETS Bro-tated turbo setup
tboldt199163299 2 months ago
This was the top/probably only suggested sensor to run with my speed density setup by several reputable tuners in the northeast. 4 months in my running build and haven't had any issues. I will update my review as time goes on and/or if I see any failures.

great product
awangard.motors35013 3 years ago
Replaced oem IAT sensor , works great
Verified Purchase

Great company , questionable sensor
adrianfitts49972 3 years ago
This will be the 3rd sensor I have gone through on my speed density set up and currently one is being diagnosed by AEM themselves. I feel like the position of the sensor in each AITS is positioned a bit differently and possibly affecting the read out. Getting the Air intake Temp data logged is important and to be off by 10 should not be. Each degree is crucial to the life of the motor specifically the alternator dealing with cranking the car over as a non functioning AITS can cause prolonged start up times. what has to be realized is that parts are parts and can fail upon arrival , if I had the choice to do it all over again , I'd go right to GM and get a quick responding AITS.

  • Q: How far does the sensor need to protrude from the mounting location?  KornShaDoW097 2 years ago


    How far in does the tip of this sensor need to protrude into the piping? Can it be flush, 1/8,1/4" or does it have to be fully in stream with the air? I'm asking for accuracy, since the least protruding the better for flow and less turbulence.

    • A: It is recommended to have the sensor tip in the piping as much as possible for the most accurate readings. The tip will not create much turbulence or restrict flow.

      Zach G. 2 years ago
Universal Product
This item is non application specific.
Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.