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Walbro Fuel Pump 255Lph



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walbro fuel pump 2 years ago
Fast delivery and fuel pump drop in and start it up like a champ. Been 3 weeks since installed, thank you.
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Walbro 255lph fuelpump for Subaru Sti GRF A-Line 2 years ago
price was reasonably cheap, product came in proper packaging, installation was straight forward with the exception of modifying the pump housing as the walbro was bigger than the oem pump. installation took around and hour+ car felt quite responsive as ive tuned the car prior to the pump installation.
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2013 STi Limited Sedan 4 years ago
SUPER easy install. (just dont do it with a completely topped off tank, you will lose 5 gallons of fuel during install) but man, this thing is awesome. and i saw some reviews on forums saying it was loud, but, i dont hear it at all. almost like it isnt even working. but it is working id say. i ran over 500 miles already. so 5 stars
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Install takes some time. 4 years ago
Not difficult to install but make sure you take your time. Also, make sure you DON'T have a full tank of gas... as this is very annoying.
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Genuine Walbro pump, works as expected! 4 years ago
This is installed on a mostly stock 2007 WRX. With over 130K miles on the car, I was worried that the fuel pump was a possible point of failure, so I decided to replace it while changing the in-tank fuel filter. The pump was easy to install, and worked perfectly. It's tone is a little different that the stock pump on engine start, but I cannot hear it running while the engine is on. Using my Accessport, the pump never seems to run above 70% duty cycle, meaning I have pump capacity to spare!
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Good stuff  4 years ago
It fits just right no problem at all
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Buy it now! You wont regret it  5 years ago
Best investment by far cheap and gives me room to expand ex: bigger injectors
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on the upgrade path 5 years ago
2 wings
Bought this pump to support bigger injectors and e85 tune. I replaced the fuel filter and rubber gasket that seals the opening to the gas tank due to the 108k miles on my sti. This unit is a direct drop in unit for my 04 sti, worked and fit perfect on the first try.
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good pump 5 years ago
install wasn't too bad. and I kinda like the whine when I turn on the ignition. havn't had any issues after 5000 miles
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Walbro 5 years ago
It's a little noisier than stock, but is an easy install with some dremel work. Good prep for later mods.
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2008 Subaru WRX sedan 5 years ago
It took about an hour to pull everything out and i had to use a dremel to grind some tabs off. Everything was straight plug and play with no tune needed and its been able to keep up with my hp so far so im happy.
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Walboro fuel pump 5 years ago
A fairly easy install. With a few quick swipes with the dremel, it fits nicely.
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Easy install 6 years ago
Installed on stage 2 setup at request of my tuner, and was pleased by the ease of installation. You can definitely hear it at idle, which is kind of neat. Excellent product
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Nice Pump, bad package. 6 years ago
Abel Conce
i ordered one of these pump and a AEM Wideband for complete my Subie project. Yesterday i received it and everything was perfect but the pump package...'cause it does not has any package, just simple plastic back, so small that could fit skinny in the pump.
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No problems 6 years ago
The install is straight foward, my advice, take your time. So far so good. Thank you RSD, you're my number one source for my STi. ALOHA!!!
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Works perfectly 6 years ago
H. Reynolds
Pumps more fuel than stock and works great. Not much else you can ask for. Only pump I'll ever use.
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Rally Sport Direct stands behind Walbro 6 years ago
I ordered two of these and upgraded my 2008 STI and 2009 Forester. Unfortunantly, the first pump I installed failed before road test. Swapped it out with the second one I ordered and have put over 8000 miles without issue. I immediately contacted Rally Sport Direct to assist me with the faulty pump. I want to call out that since the Walbro GSS342 is not a factory replacement/direct fit, Walbro had issues covering this under their warranty. However, RSD stands behind this pump and its use in a 2008 STI, and immediately sent me a replacement at no charge. I have logged over 8000 miles on this pump in my 2008 STI, and over 10,000 with the same model pump in my 2009 Forester without issue. Rally Sport Direct stood behind their product and recommended application. I give RSD 5 stars. I only give the pump 4 stars.
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Fuel Pump 6 years ago
hi guys, recently received my fuel pump that i ordered... srvice at rally sport is awesome, they will def be my first stop in purchasing parts in this near future... still kinda busy with the rebuild of my 07 sti, pumped not installed as yet... other than that i beleive it to be a good one...
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Walbro Fuel Pump 255Lph 7 years ago
Great fuel pump. Works great. However, there should of been instruction to use 2 o rings. I had to perform the work twice.
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Should be first mod done on Evo 8/9s 7 years ago
Great replacement and super reliable, works better than DW on Evo 8/9s
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Great Quality Pump 7 years ago
Bought this fuel pump for my 08 STI, VERY quiet while running, at the turn of the key you can hear it prime I LOVE IT, had it installed by YIMI Sport but i watched the install and it all fitted great after the tabs were trimmed. 2 thumbs up!!
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Great pump 7 years ago
J. Cercone
This is a high quality pump if installing on an 09 wrx I suggest reading some forums on the trimming. It is a tight fit but the factory connector goes right in and once you trim the tabs it slides into place. It is also quiet.
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GC 7 years ago
I am loving it in my 1999 gc sedan. Great product.
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Second Walbro 7 years ago
Irwin A.
Great fuel pump. It helped unleash a lot of power in both my cars. Not very noisy. I would buy again.
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Works great in my 2010 sti! 7 years ago
Whats to say.. its a walbro. Ive had them in everything and they never have let me down. I was worried about noise from it but the factory ecu runs the pump at different duty cycles depending on load. So crusing the pump is only at 33-66% and you can't hear a thing. Its a bit tricky to get in the 08+ but there is a good walkthrough here
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+300whp 8 years ago
great fuel pump, first time using the walbro fuep pump and not the last.
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The pump for pump gas 8 years ago
This pump is perfect for pump gas and can support 500hp no problem. However I would recommend the 300lph dw pump if you plan to run E85
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Good Fuel Pump 8 years ago
Been running these fuel pumps in multiple cars for awhile without problems. Pretty straightforward. Not a lot of clearance on a stock STI fuel pump hanger, so the install is a little tricky. You will need to cut the fuel line shorter to make it work.
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installation 8 years ago
installation on my 02 wrx wasnt that difficult, hardest part is jsut getting the assembly out. even without instructions its pretty straight forward
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Doesn't fit exactly 7 months ago
Works great but needs to be adapted, doesn't fit exactly like it should be
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