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COBB Tuning High Flow Fuel Pump

MODEL # COB315400


  • Q: Fit a ‘14 Legacy  SubieScooby9 months ago

    I am putting a low boost turbo kit (4.5-5 psi) in my 2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5i. Will this pump fit my vehicle, or since I’m running a low boost do I even need a high flow pump/injectors.
  • Q: does it fit  jiinto12 months ago

    I noticed in the fitment listing that it fits an 05' legacy GT, does that mean it will fit an 05' Outback XT?
  • Q: This product causes cancer?  Bigz991 year ago

    Hi, I was just wondering why it says that this product causes cancer and birth defects
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      A:  California requires any consumer products that contain certain materials or chemicals known to cause cancer to be marked with a warning that discloses that.

      Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: Is it "plug & play"?  godmodeon3 years ago

    Can I install these on my 2011 STI without messing with the ECU/COBB preset stage 2 MAP, plug and play style? I do plan on getting the COBB 1000cc fuel injectors, then a tune for my COBB stage 2 STI. My tuner suggest I upgrade my fuel pump and injectors prior to a tune. 2011 STI: COBB catted DP SPT catback exhaust COBB SF1 intake and box COBB AP v3 NGK one step colder spark plugs
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      A:  Yes, this will be a Plug & Play application, as the pump is designed to be a direct drop in from the factory pump. No tuning is needed for this fuel pump.

      Brady R @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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  • Q: Fitment on 2010-12 LGT  evancatu909624 years ago

    I did not see 2010-12 LGT listed as compatible cars. Any details on fitment for these cars?
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      A:  This is not listed as a confirmed fitment for that years of the legacy. Enter your vehicle in on our filter and there will be other options for that model under the fuel pump section.

      Trevor C. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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