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MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit (Part Number: )
MSI Intank Bosch 044 Conversion Kit
Subaru WRX/STI 2002-2007 / Forester XT 2004-2008
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Part # MSISUB01-00-015
msrp: $130.00

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Capable of providing 300 LPH free-flow and 200 LPH at 5 bar, the Bosch 044 is the most popular fuel pump in the motorsport community. This bolt on kit allows you to mount the 044 fuel pump to a Subaru factory fuel tank, giving you the accurate, consistent fuel supply needed for highly demanding race conditions. This kit fits the original fuel pump bracket and uses the OEM filter screen and box.

Fuel pump is not included.


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Product not as described by RSD 1 year ago
2out of 5stars

Bought this kit after RSD responded that it did include a check-valve as the external Bosch check-valve must be removed from the 044 pump in order to use this kit. For those that don't know, most fuel pumps have a check valve internally to prevent line pressure bleed off after the pump primes (which prevents long cranking times). Since the 044 pump does not have this, an external valve is installed on all new 044 pumps as sold by Bosch. This kit requires this external (banjo) valve to be removed. Unfortunately, upon receipt it was very obvious that there is no check valve included with this kit at all. Aftermarket check-valves that can be installed in-line cost approximately $50-75 so I'm giving a low review for both 'Ease of install' and 'Value' as additional expensive parts are required beyond the pump itself. Total cost to install an 044 pump with a recommended check valve approaches $500 and the included MSI outlet nipple, hose, and clamps are all likely discarded. One other small detail to note is that this will also require relocation of the factory fuel filter to an external location. I expected this up-front, but it is worth noting.
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Excellent! 1 year ago
5out of 5stars

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  • Q: Check valve?  mrsaturn7085958511 year ago

    Since the 044 does not have an internal check valve, it normally comes with one installed on the outlet. This kit appears to do away with the Bosch valve - does the MSI outlet nipple have a check valve built-in so line pressure doesn't bleed immediately after the pump primes??
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      A:  Yes, this one does have the check valve built in.

      Christian B. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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    • 1 of 1 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  I purchased this kit after Christian B. responded that it included a check-valve built into the components... however it does not. Unless it is missing a component, the outlet nipple is a simple tube with no valve at all.

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  • Q: STI rotating chamber  mrsaturn7085958511 year ago

    Does this kit retain the OEM surge tank (what Subaru calls the 'rotating chamber') on the 04-07 STI models?
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      A:  If you are referring to the plastic lower housing bowl, then yes this MSI Intake Bosch 044 Conversion Kit will work. For reference, I have attached a installed photo :)

      Brady R @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: Can the Bosch 044 be ran Intank?  aldecam78468973 years ago

    Can the Bosch 044 be ran Intank? I was under the impression this was an external only pump.