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Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter



  • Q: Perrin top feed fuel lines will this work?  Chuckless126492021 year ago

    I’m running top feed Perrin fuel lines with the fuel pressure regulator bolt in plate. It says to use a stock fuel pressure regulator but I want to run aftermarket. Would this adapter allow me to bolt it as well as the fpr to the plate of the Perrin lines?
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      A:  This would be only confirmed fitment for the stock fuel pressure regulator. You could try reaching out to Tomei to see if this is something that could work however.

      Devan M. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: Do I need another fitting?  4 years ago

    I purchased this adaptor along with the Tomei type S fpr. Is there another fitting need to hook the 2 together? The fpr came with 2 fittings where I can hook up fuel lines but I'll need 3 to make this work, from my understanding. '02 WRX.
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      A:  You will need a 1/8NPT fitting in order to connect a fuel line to to this adapter, and you should be able to use fitting part number TOM 185103.

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  • Q: 2010???  chk1220251995 years ago

    Is there no adapter for the 2010 wrx??
  • Q: fitment  imprezer5 years ago

    am willing to buy the sidefeed to topfeed conversion kit of id1000 with t1 fuel rail , so will this adapter fit the fuel rail offered with the conversion kit ?
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      A:  This adapter is made for the stock fuel rails and will not work with the Injector Dynamics rails.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Adapter  John M6 years ago

    Instead of using it for a fuel pressure regulator, could you install a fuel pressure sender in its place?
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      A:  Due to the fitting size, it would not just bolt right in. Also this would block off your return system.

      Kirill C. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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  • Q: 2007 STi   05_wrex6 years ago

    The description states this will fit a 2007the STi. But the engine list under subaru does not include an ej257, only ej255. I just ordered this so I hope it fits.
  • Q: Will this make the regulator fit the stock rail on 04 wrx  bjadrian23394177 years ago

    Is this the adaptor that will let the regulator fit onto the stock rail on a 2004 wrx. And then you just adjust the pressure to 43.5 with the vacuum line off? or do you have to create a whole new fuel system with this?
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      A:  Yes, this will allow you to adapt your stock rails to accept a threaded fitting fuel line. That should make it easier to hook up a fuel pressure regulator.

      Cole K. @ RallySport Direct 7 years ago  
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