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Injector Dynamics Side / Top Feed Conversion Line Kit



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Good quality and some 6 years ago
4out of 5stars
Bought this kit since I bought ID fuel rails and injectors. Works like it should, no leaks anywhere, pretty easy to install. But made a mistake for not reading the description- This kit is only if you are using your OEM Fuel pressure regulator. If you are using an aftermarket FPR, you'll have to buy another braided fuel line and a ORB-06 to AN-06 Male Flare adapter. The length of the fuel line is up to you.
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Side feed conversion lines 6 years ago
4out of 5stars
STI 294
The perfect kit to accompany Injector Dynamics Top Feed fuel injectors for completing the conversion. A little pricey for fuel lines, but comes with everything for a seamless install and is well worth the value.
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AN conversion kit 6 years ago
3out of 5stars
The kit worked well for my application but I would recommend going to a reputable parts source and making your own lines. I had to adjust the lengths of a few sections, and after a year of use a couple of the fittings started leaking (they were tight), which lead to me replacing them with newer, better ones. Good kit, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's the best route, or the best quality.
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You’d think they would’ve solved some issues by now..  5 years ago
2out of 5stars
There’s about 8” of extra steel braided line you have to figure out what to do with after the install.. it looks cluttered and doesn’t appear that ID has really ever actually installed their own lines.. not only would shortening the lines look better and ease installation it would save them money by using less line in their product development.. that said, they do work, don’t leak and aside from looking like crap, function flawlessly
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Awful 8 months ago
1out of 5stars
These don't fit at all. At least 6 inches too long. A serious waste of money.
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