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ACT ProLite Flywheel

MODEL # ACT600475


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AMAZING 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

My set up - 2007 WRX, 21PSI peak my tune I did, stage 1 clutch, CAI, turbo back. I have been using this flywheel for over 1400miles. You do feel a difference vs stock in a DD. I have thrown a mis fire before when I run a stock tune but not sure if its the flywheel or other issues as this was a used car and is on its 5th short block and now 3rd cam sprocket replacement on both sides from the previous owner never changing fluids. On my tune I have done over 900 miles and not thrown any codes which most people will put on a tune if they get this and other bolt ons. When letting off the gas and coasting on a off ramp its a little noisy. RPMs can jump very quickly. I have seen some increase their 0-60 and 1/4 times up to .2seconds but I had a decease of .05-.1 seconds if not the same once I got used to the drop in weight. I'm very happy I bought this for my project.
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Stellar Flywheel for Rally 7 years ago
5out of 5stars

I have the 10.1 lb flywheel behind my eg33 in my rally car paired with a ACT HD clutch. This flywheel allows the engine to rev quick as lightning. Wonderful for heel toe shifting and rapid gear changes. A little chatter when not in gear, but thats to be expected. I would not recommend this light of a flywheel for drag racing or a turbo car as it is not great for launching the car unless you have a bit of low end torque. Once your under way, its an absolute dream. Ill use it again when I build another rally car.
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