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ACT ProLite Flywheel

MODEL # ACT600475


  • Q: matching with a clutch   danielspead155895 years ago

    Will this flywheel Bolt up with a competition clutch stage 2 pressure plate for a 08+ wrx?
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      A:  That specific clutch is a proprietary clutch so it will not work with this specific flywheel. Have a nice day.

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  • Q: not for DD?  vash3378 years ago

    im new to the wrx scene, buying a 2011 sedan. ive been driving an rsx-s w/ the 9.6 prolite flywheel for years DD. other than a cel *which im hoping can be fixed w/ accessport?* is there any other reason to not get this for DD
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      A:  Yes, the CEL can be cleared though the AccessPORT, but it may come back. Basically the Lightweight flywheel tricks the sensors into think that there is a misfire when in reality the car is running great. It will not harm the engine or hurt performance, but it is annoying. And with a stock crank pulley it is possible you may not get a CEL, but with a lightweight pulley, I would suspect that you would see a CEL for sure. Other than the CEL, lightweight flywheels are a fantastic option for someone looking to improve the acceleration and overall performance from their car. Truly an awesome modification.

      Rick C. @ RallySport Direct 8 years ago  
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  • Q: 2007 wrx tr stage 2 clutch replacement  Matt H.9 years ago

    I have a 07 wrx tr at stage 2 with 240 whp and 290 wt. I am going need to replace the clutch. What is the best match for this? and will replacing the flywheel or any other parts get more performance with my setup?
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      A:  Clutches are designed for different application. However a full race clutch is not always the best choice for street driving. When considering a clutch for a street car, we recomend a clutch that is full faced and not a puck style. This will allow for smoother enguagement, and longer life when being driven on the street. However you do want to get one with a higher TQ capacity. The benefits to this flywheel, is that its lighter then the stock unit. Which reduces rotational mass, and allows more energy to be spent accelerating the car forward. Where the stock flywheel is a bit heavier, consuming energy which could be used to propel the vehicle. Throttle response will also be reduced, along with faster engine rev up and rev down.

      Kirill C. @ RallySport Direct 9 years ago  
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