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ACT StreetLite Flywheel

MODEL # ACT 600235


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ACT StreetLite Flywheel ( Part Number: 600235)
Also installed with Competition Clutch Stage 2 4 years ago
My '05 STi is running smoother than ever with this combo installed. Engine revs up nice and quick. Didn't notice any noise whatsoever.
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Sweet! 5 years ago
Excellent product and no codes thrown!
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Installed along with Competition Clutch Stage 2 5 years ago
I installed this along with Competition Clutch Stage 2 and I'll say that it was quite loud when I first installed it, so much that I actually made a post about it at IWSTI ( [video]), but after it all broke in at around 300 miles, the noise almost completely went away. It's still overall louder than stock, but nothing more than you would expect and very manageable. I'm overall happy with the install and I'm at around 500 miles in now. I'll follow up at 3k miles if I remember.
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Flywheel Weight? 5 years ago
Read lots of online posts. They convinced me not go very light. Ended up going with the ACT Streetlight, which is 15.5 lbs vs 18.9 lbs for the stock. For me this turned out to be a great choice! My car is actually smoother from a standstill, shifts smoother, and pulls harder in low gears. I live and drive in flat terrain. If I lived in the mountains I might not feel the same way. But here in SJ, there is no reason not to go this light. Like the CF driveshaft, for me there was no downside to using this weight flywheel and the expected benefits are significant for the small weight change.
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Outstanding Flywheel 5 years ago
Installed on a ‘08 STi with a stock replacement clutch at the same time and it was like learning to drive a whole new vehicle. Revs are faster with the throttle as well as when decelerating. I will say that my rpms seem higher per each gear in that I can stay in any given gear longer. It is good fun to drive. Definitely worth the purchase!
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Nice flywheel 6 years ago
Flywheel is much lighter than OEM. Fit great. I have it mated with the 6 puck clutch, and its difinitely not easy to drive. Startup are very touchy and takes time to get use to. Otherwise I would recommend this flywheel, much quicker spool ups.
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Excellent Flywheel! 7 years ago
Good looking flywheel and excellent fitment!
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Big Improvement 7 years ago
Had this flywheel installed a few months ago. It is much lighter than stock. Excellent buy. Feels a little bit more like a race car.
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ACT StreetLite Flywheel 7 years ago
This is very similar to the stock unit in terms of driveability, i have not noticed significant rev up, however it does hold the RPM's better between shifts (heal toe, rev match). no negative spool side effects. if you are not a seasoned manual gear box driver, you might experiance slight jerky-ness between shifts as this revs up faster it will also drop rev's faster.
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 2 years ago
Harry Williams
Great quality. I paired this with an ACT clutch and it's good. Not a free reving as lighter FW I have had, but I had check engine light issues with those in my 2002 WRX.
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 12 years ago
RSD Customer
Installed this on an 04STi last week. Product is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than stock and thus makes starting from a stop more challenging but everywhere else it's an absolute joy. Installs the same as any other flywheel and fits perfectly.
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