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ACT StreetLite Flywheel

MODEL # ACT 600175


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ACT StreetLite Flywheel ( Part Number: 600175)
Great upgrade from stock flywheel 5 months ago
Paired this with the Exedy OEM clutch on my 2005 WRX. Revs and gear shifts are faster. Takes some getting used to but once you get the feel of it, it's great. The "chatter" is almost non existent, especially if you have a cat back. Over all a great improvement over stock.
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GET IT. YOU NEED IT.  9 months ago
Farting Hello Kitty
There's always horror stories about gear rattle and other obnoxious sounds that occur when installing a lightweight flywheel, but this one is quiet as if it were OEM. Paired with an EXEDY OEM clutch, the drivability is much better than stock. If for whatever reason you need to pull your tranny or engine, this is a great upgrade to do while you have it out.
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A must when replacing clutch  1 year ago
Appears to be half the weight of the OEM Easy install. Bolts up easily. Combined with the ACT clutch assembly it was and easy install. Engine revs a bit easier at idle and between shifts. Very nice. Much better tha OEM
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A must when replacing clutch  1 year ago
Appears to be half the weight of the OEM Easy install. Bolts up easily. Combined with the ACT clutch assembly it was and easy install. Engine revs a bit easier at idle and between shifts.
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Nice Upgrade for Street 1 year ago
When replacing the clutch at 150k miles on my '02 WRX, I was advised I should also do the flywheel. I decided to go with this lightened flywheel and a slightly heavier clutch. The original flywheel (AFAIK) comes it at 22 lbs. This comes in at 14 lbs (roughly 25% lighter). Yes, that does mean that the engine revs faster, and the rolling acceleration seems a bit better (and don't think it is just the $$ factor, but I didn't measure first). BUT, there is a small drawback -- the 25% loss in mass also means a 25% loss of rotational momentum (at a fixed) rpm. That means you end up having to rev the engine a bit higher when releasing the clutch when starting from a stop or especially when on a hill. If you add in a new, stronger, performance clutch (which are often grabby at first), this creates an interesting experience during clutch break-in. You either stall it, smoke it, or spin the tires. Once the clutch breaks in, it is not a problem, but until then, it is interesting. (My break in was about 1 month of driving the car twice a day on the expressway.) So far I have not had any problems with throwing CEL codes because of the lightened flywheel. BTW, both the flywheel and clutch were installed by my mechanic, so ease of install is meaningless to me.
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Steak Sauce 1 year ago
Mint flywheel! Makes the car rev happy but the only downside is it (insert f word here) your idle like crazy but that goes with any lightweight flywheel and the Cobb AP can only help so much, other then that its mint
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2003 WRX JDM EJ205 (AVCS) 1 year ago
I purchased a JDM EJ205 to replace my blown hybrid , and decided to replace my Flywheel/Clutch at the same time (why not?). The ACT StreetLite Flywheel fit perfectly, without any issues. I also replaced all Flywheel bolts at the same time, as my impact scored a few taking the old Flywheel off. I paired this with the Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch kit (EXE KSB03) and everything bolted up/performs flawlessly.
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This flywheel is amazing. 3 years ago
I was sceptical about putting a lightweight flywheel on the car, but after installing this I think it should have came on the car from the factory. It makes the engine feel much more lively, the revs rise and fall free-er and believe it or not I can still get going without using gas. (I wouldn't recommend it though haha) If your sceptical about buying this, trust me you are just like me but it is much better than the stock 25 lb slug.
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Good for street performance 3 years ago
Amarinder Singh
This flywheel is lighter than a stock WRX flywheel, but doesnt feel like a drastic difference, it is good quality and performance without sacrificing comfort. No check engine lights or extreme revving required with this flywheel.
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REALLY nice! 3 years ago
(This was installed on a 2003 WRX, fairly stock though has a straight pipe and a CAI. At the same time as this went in, I also installed an PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft) I get the physics behind removing rotational mass, but nothing matters until you can feel it in the seat of your pants. I was blown away but what this (and the PST) did for the performance on my car. The driveabilty has increased something wonderful. Ya' know that powershift that we do from 2nd - 3rd at 5700 RPM? Just you wait until this (these) is (are) in there. As you slam into 3rd, the RPM recovery and pull back up to 6 grand is SOOOOO much quicker. Very nice. VERY nice.
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Streetlite 3 years ago
Great package and an average of under $100 less than an OEM flywheel! Didn't know what was in my car, or the condition. Works awesome with the Exedy OEM clutch kit so far... But you need to start out at a little higher RPM than before, easier rev matching on up and down shifts.
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Much better!!! 4 years ago
I considered just resurfacing my stocker but I'm so glad I went with this one instead, as recommended by Brady at RSD. Paired it with a new exedy oem clutch and it feels amazing! Car starts and runs much smoother too. If it weren't for the sound of my exhaust, I wouldn't even be able to tell when my car is running anymore. Drivability is excellent. I didn't get any CEL's and so far it engages buttery smooth. No chatter/shutter at all. I'm still running the stock crank pulley, so not sure how a light one would pair with this. Anyway, I'm very happy with the streetlite flywheel, good call RSD!!
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Just had this ACT StreetLite and Exedy OEM installed 5 years ago
Finally had to replace my clutch after 234,000 miles on my 2002 WRX. The pilot bearing went bad. Friction disk still had life. Did some research and settled on the ACT StreetLite and Exedy OEM clutch kit combination. They were installed over the weekend. Day one notes: Clutch pedal is lighter (less spring tension). Engine revs a bit quicker. No additional drivetrain noise. On shut-off, engine stops immediately. I recommend this combination to anyone with stock power in their WRX.
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Great for daily driving 5 years ago
This flywheel is great for any daily driver, it provides quicker revving, but the drive-ability of an OEM weighted flywheel. The revs while quicker, it is not too noticeable to most drivers. I noticed the difference, but my wife did not. The revs on a cold start are slightly elevated, but they are not that noticeable as well. For the price I don't think you can do better than this and I would definitely suggest getting this one as opposed to resurfacing or getting an OEM flywheel. For any daily drivers, I would not get anything that is much lighter than this one.
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Light! 6 years ago
This thing is way lighter than the stock flywheel. Revs are a little quicker, nothing crazy different though.
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ACT streetlite + Exedy OEM kit 6 years ago
This flywheel was a great replacement for the stock flywheel on my 02 wrx! It didn't throw any codes (been on for a couple thousand miles now), and the weight makes a big difference with throttle control. My method was pulling the engine, and it took about 3 days - I hadn't pulled a motor before this, and did it alone, but everything went smooth! Highly recommended!
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don't resurface stock, buy this 6 years ago
Zach B.
Sure you spend $200 over what it would cost to resurface your existing flywheel but it saves you the likelihood of headaches later on. the stocker likes to warp and some say if you resurface you'll be fine. I did that during a clutch install to save some cash and it bit me in the ass. the old flywheel caused vibrations and i ended up having to rip it out anyways. This flywheel doesn't throw any codes, revs faster but without reducing driveability. It highlights the lightness that the wrx already has over other heavier sports cars. that its its cheaper than the OEM one to boot. it make cause a little more NVH as less energy is absorbed and at idle it can sit right at that point where it you can see you headlights dim as the idle rpm jumps between 450 and 500. If you have an AP though, no worries, just bump the idle speed up by 50-75 rpm and you're good to go.
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Good stuff 6 years ago
Installed fine, slightly fast rev. Over all great mod if you doing the clutch.
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Great flywheel! 7 years ago
I installed this with the OEM spec Exedy clutch and it runs amazing. Little bit faster revs.
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 10 years ago
Kevin S.
I got this flywheel along with an ACT Heavy Duty clutch and it runs great. It took like 3 days to install everything but hey its the price you pay when you buy Japanese cars. Anyways I put it on my 02' WRX and it runs great and revs much better now. Slightly better acceleration.
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 12 years ago

nice flywheel car stalled a couple times until the ecu relearned the new setup you might also throw a misfire code. but this is great and the car revs much better
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04 Forester XT 2 years ago
Threw this in my 04 FXT at 160K miles along with the excedy oem replacement clutch. Currently have 190K+ miles. The original clutch was so bad(worn out with warped flywheel) that its hard for me to tell a performance gain over stock. It is a little more of a pain to drive in stop and go traffic. Other than that it seems to be a great replacement. My car has been randomly throwing a misfire CEL ever since install though.
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Nice product 2 years ago
Installed with my excedy stg 1 hd clutch kit, did 1000 miles break in to play it safe. Have done some pulls in between because I got bored and tempted by turbo sounds lol. Definitely lighter then the oem flywheel, but not too light. Note: when installing do NOT reuse flywheel bolts!! They are stretch bolts, found out the hard way and broke a flywheel bolt in the crankshaft. They kept getting tighter and torque wrench didn't click indicating it was torqued. Spend the extra few bucks for new bolts.
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04 FXT 4 years ago
Installed this flywheel with the exedy oem clutch in my stock 04 fxt with 165K on it. The original clutch had 165K so this combo obviously felt much better overall but I did not notice a huge change in acceleration or anything.
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