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COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Fuel System + Flex Fuel Package
Subaru STI 2008-2017
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Part # SUB000FSFF
msrp: $2,675.83

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Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct proudly carries COBB Tuning products to provide the die-hard car enthusiast with a quality product that is a result of decades of engineering, expertise, and careful manufacturing methods that you can always be satisfied with. 

On this page, you are looking at the COBB Tuning Fuel System Package that includes the Flex Fuel Kit. 

This package contains all the essential components to not only supply your engine with enough fuel to supplement your power output of your engine but it also includes all the right components to successfully convert to E85.

One of the most important components included in this kit is the COBB Tuning Ethanol Sensor Package. Each gas station that supplies E85 all have different ethanol percentages. For example, if you have a tune that is based off a fuel that has 70% ethanol content, that does not mean the next batch will have the same percentage. So if you tried to run the same boost levels on an ethanol level that has less percentage, then you risk blowing things up. The Ethanol Sensor Kit will measure the amount of ethanol in your fuel and will make proper tuning adjustments so that you are not over-boosting so you can enjoy your car more safely.

Other components include the COBB Tuning Flex Fuel Pressure Kit. Which means that this kit makes sure that your fuel pressure is always within the strike zone. If it indicates a drop in fuel pressure, then it will simply put the car in safe mode or will prevent hitting optimal boost targets to save your motor. A Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit will also be included to make sure you're making static pressure under idle, and controlled pressure under boost. 

The COBB Tuning Fuel Rail Line Kit to Flex Fuel Kit will also be included. The intended purpose of this kit is to adapt your existing COBB Fuel Rail Line to work with the COBB Flex Fuel Kit. E85 is becoming more commonplace, which means you will need to have all the right fuel components to successfully employ this fuel. All the lines are pre-assembled with double swivel  sport  crimp style hose ends and will come ready for the installation. Stainless reinforced PTFE line with black covering has a 3" minimum bend radius which will allow for straightforward installation as long as its used as intended. These are super durable lines with a 2500 psi rated operating pressure and a 10000 psi burst pressure. 

Fuel is supplied through a set of COBB Tuning 1050X Injectors. These are some of the most innovative injectors out of COBB Tuning's catalog and will provide the injector duty cycle needed for running ethanol. The injectors will come with harnesses to make them plug and play, and ready to install. The injectors will come with the COBB Tuning Fuel Rails which make for great components to a proper fuel system. These rails have been constructed from 6061 Billet aluminum materials and feature black anodizing with a laser etched COBB logo. Each rail will have a -8 AN to a -6AN adapter that is pre-installed to makes these rails ready for the installation. 

To drive the fuel, an AEM 320 lph Hi-Flow Fuel Pump will be included to drive the fuel. This is a strong fuel pump that will work great with regular gasoline. ethanol, or race gas. And to control the fuel flow, the COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Regulator to Fuel Rail Kit will also be included.

In conclusion, this is a complete fuel system that comes with EVERYTHING needed to supply your high-performance engine with enough fuel to not only hit big boost targets, but to also run ethanol safely. 


Brand: COBB Tuning
Fuel Pump Flow: 320lph
Includes Tune: No
Injector Flow: 1050cc
Plug N Play: No
Sensor Included: Yes
Type: Flex Fuel Kit w/Fuel Upgrade Package
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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  • Q: Flex Fuel  Synapse1 year ago

    Rumor has it that since this is a "Flex Fuel" package, you will be able to run on E85 as well as regular 93 octane pump gas. Obviously a protune is required with this kit, but apart from that, would it be necessary to switch maps/make adjustments if you switch from ethanol to pump gas? Or would the tuner "build in" the necessary adjustments into the tune, based on what the ethanol sensor is reading?
    • 1 of 1 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit will be able to measure the Ethonal/Gasoline mixture and make adjustments accordingly. The Protuner will be able to configure this using the Cobb AcessPort.

      Jared A. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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