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BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+
BC Racing DR Coilovers - Subaru Forester 2014+

BC Racing DR Coilovers

Subaru Forester 2014+

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Part # F-23-DS
msrp: $1,500.00

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Features & Product Details

These are the new DR Series Coilovers brought to you by our friends at BC Racing. BC Racing says that the new proprietary piston design offers increased damping force at low piston velocities while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities. This is really beneficial in rapid weight transitions that are met at chicanes, high-speed corner shifts, as well as auto-x courses. 

These coilovers are a mono-tube shock design with a digressive piston and damping curve. The bodies will come in a satin chrome finish and they are also height-adjustable so you don't have to mess up the pre-load. There will be 30-clicks of dampening adjustment which include compression and rebound simultaneously. These coilovers will also come provided with their own camber plates. The front pillow-ball mounts will be camber adjustable for those of you who need more camber. And the good news is that if you wear these coilovers out, they are fully rebuildable.

Other features include corner weight adjustment. The lower spring platform of these coilovers is adjustable. This allows your car to be set up for corner weighting to help achieve perfect balance and to make sure that maximum tire contact is achieved. This will help with placing equal weight on each tire on an axle so that both front tires are working equally when cornering to ensure maximum grip for better corner speeds.

The DR Series Coilovers will also include a patented concave lower locking collar. This has been designed to prevent the bottom mount from becoming loose. If the lower collar becomes loose then the shock body can work its way to the bottom which can completely throw off the handling characteristics of your vehicle. 

The shocks use high-quality oils to maintain optimal damping rates are maintained for high-performance driving conditions and for daily driving comfort. They are also nitrogen pressurized inside the floating piston which keeps permanent pressure on the oil which reduces aeration while improving the consistency and quality of the damping. 

Overall not a bad choice for being a versatile coilover setup that will improve the handling, lower center of gravity, driver feedback, and the stance on your car will be much better especially if you have an aggressive set of wheels. Get more value and performance out of your vehicle with a set of BC Racing DR Series Coilovers. 


Brand: BC Racing
Adjustable: Yes
Camber Adjustable: Front Only
Caster Adjustable: No
Dampening Adjust Type: 30 Way
Damper Type: Monotube
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable: Yes
Spring Rate Front: 336lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 6Kg/mm
Spring Rate Rear: 336lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 6Kg/mm
Top Hats Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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  • Q: Lowering Amount  Boski132 years ago

    Just curious how far it lowers the stock ground clearance. Also is the bolt pattern the same as the 2018 wrx?
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  This will lower it about 2 inches. I do not believe these will be the same as the WRX.

      Lane H. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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  • Q: Customizable?  Fozzy53 years ago

    Possible to order with a swift spring upgrade, with spring rates 8k all around?
  • Q: Custom Build?  Fozzy53 years ago

    Possible to do a custom build with Swift Springs at 8k all around?