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Tomei Expreme Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold

Part #: TOM 193082
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.



Brand: Tomei
Includes Catalytic Converter: No
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Manifold Design: Non-Equal Length
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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One of the best ways of increasing the performance out of your vehicle is by adding a quality exhaust manifold. RallySport Direct is proud to present the Tomei Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold. This is a direct replacement of your factory exhaust manifold that will not only save weight when compared to the boat anchor of the factory exhaust manifold, but the smooth bends on the piping will limit turbulence and backpressure under acceleration.

The cool feature about this exhaust manifold is that will come everything needed for the installation which includes new gaskets, all new hardware, as well as all new stainless steel zip ties AND brand new header wrap to keep those engine temps down. Additionally, this manifold will come with an up pipe to make everything ready for the installation.

And because this is a unequal length manifold, it does a great job of creating that quintessental boxer rumble. Once installed, you will get more horsepower, more torque, along with improved throttle response and reduced turbo lag. 


Verified Purchase

Brandon 2 months ago
These headers are beautiful! I got them ceramic coated and paired these with Grimmspeed EWG Up pipe. They also gave my car a more bellowing deeper sound, Im running an Invidia Catless DP, Straight 3" midpipe to a Nameless Muffler Delete. The fit is tight and its nice that they come with all new hardware and gaskets for the job! Overall very happy with the purchase! 2014 WRX Hatch
Verified Purchase

looks good
striker775 2 months ago
These headers look and sound good. I'm running this header along with a Cobb downpipe and Cobb cat-back exhaust. Plus it comes with the up pipe. I decided with UEL because I don't want to loose the rumble. I would buy better heat wrap and use the paint to protect the wrap then what is supplied with these headers. You will have to cut away some areas on your sub-frame so it doesn't rub and if your using oem skid plate, it will hit up against it. I made some metal heat shields where it rest against skid plate. The header is small enough to stick in a kitchen oven to bake the wrap.
Verified Purchase

Wow is all I can say.
Steve-O 5 months ago
These sound great, Can’t really say how they sound by themselves since I have it paired up with grimmspeeds limited ceramic coated downpipe, I did install these together and they pair up GREAT. You can definelty tell the difference between the stock exhaust manifold and this one. It does kind of have a raspier tone to it but it’s definitely still music to the ears. Super super loud but it might just be my set up along with tomei’s extreme ti catback. Personally I got mine ceramic coated rather than the header wrap, but that’s just my personal preference.

Verified Purchase

Tomei Unequal Length Header, A+++
Cardoc1966 5 months ago
FINALLY! A "bolt on" header that ACTUALLY did just that! So nice, fits perfect, SUPER QUALITY WELDS, and sounds great too! RS DIRECT is the best! Fair prices, SUPER FAST SHIPPING , and awesome customer service, I will DEFINITELY buy from them again, and HIGHLY recommend them!
Verified Purchase

Best sounding headers around.
Whalegod 5 months ago
Pros: Sounds awesome. Flows well. Turbo spools noticeably faster. Look awesome..... but underneath.... Easy to install Cons: ........? The bolts holding the shipping bar are really soft and annoying to get off. (I had to use a socket extractor to get them out) Noticeable but slight dip in power from around 3100RPM to 3200RPM, might just be my set up. Might test other headers when I get the chance . Overall: If you are looking for headers, these are the best sounding and best value. If you are not looking for headers, do it anyway.

  • Q: Fitment  Drvg5.56 4 months ago


    Will this bolt up to a 2005 Impreza 2.5 RS?

    • A: No, This is meant for turbo models also this part is currently discontinued.

      Luis L. 4 months ago
  • Q: Fitment with a different up pipe  06stiGuy 6 months ago


    I have the grimmspeed 38/40mm ewg and was wondering if I can continue to use that up pipe or if I have to use the one that's included. My up pipe also has a 3 bolt flange.

    • A: If your up-pipe utilizes a 3 bolt flange this header will work perfectly.

      Jared A. 6 months ago
  • Q: Installation  Steve-O 6 months ago


    So I was reading other questions and it looks like I can install and run it without a tune, but how safe is it to run it without a tune? Obvisously I won’t get any performance at all without the tune but I just want to be sure it’s safe to run without the tune for the time being

    • A: Great question, we don't recommend running headers without a tune, we feel it just wouldn't be quite fair to your car.

      Tyler G 6 months ago
  • Q: Pass smog?  Luis 6 months ago


    Will this item be a problem when passing smog?

    • A: Because this part replaces OEM Emissions Equipment, we must state that it is for off road use only. Please contact your local DOT or EPA for information regarding legality.

      Brady R 6 months ago
  • Q: Manifold   Luis 6 months ago


    Will this require a tune for a 2013 wrx? Or can I install it and and run it safely

    • A: Tuning is not required for the headers, but will be recommended to get the most out of the upgrade.

      Brady R 6 months ago