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PERRIN Performance Equal Length Header



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Recommended as an install with other items. 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

Probably wouldn't recommend installing this on its own. There is performance improvement but it is subtle: a little quicker spool and some additional low and high end power. It would be a great install with motor mounts as you have access to the front of the mounts when the header is dropped. Also consider this when doing a charge pipe and J-pipe as you will be disconnecting the same things. Just follow the instructions that Perrin provides. It's easier if you are using a color version of the online instructions. I did mine without a lift and without a helper. I just used a floor jack to support the weight of the turbo and header as I disconnected it from the heads. Also make sure you use some type of penetrating solution on the studs (all 14 of them). I painted on a acetone AFT mixture for a few hours and had no problems with the studs on my 20k mile car. Fitment was perfect, which demonstrates the quality of the header. Don't forget the gaskets—RSD sells the Grimspeed gaskets that touch both sides of the turbo. You'll have to order the two gaskets for the engine block from Subaru. Finally the skid plate will be lowered about 5/8" with included spacers to make more room for the header. Keep that in mind if you already have a 2" suspension drop.
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