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PERRIN Equal Length Big Tube Headers



  • Q: Perrin Rotated Turbo Kit Fitment  Masterxing126 months ago

    Is this ideal for a rotated 3076r kit or should I go with standard size tubing? I'm making just about 400 wheel on stock ported headers. Is there an option for an egt bung to be added?
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      A:  I think that this would be ideal for your setup. Unfortunately there is no EGT bung option.

      Tylo R @ RallySport Direct
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  • Q: Up pipes   Ferny8 months ago

    Would the grimmspeed uppipe fit this product?
  • Q: Lag  Salem1 year ago

    How it will perform with an fp black journal bearing turbo? Should i get this one or the normal tube
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      A:  These will be pretty laggy with a journal bearing Black, but would make a ton of top end power. Personally, I'd go for a smaller diameter collector, but the best choice will depend on your goals, tune, compression, fuel, and several other factors in your setup. If you're not planning on revving the motor to 8k+, these probably wouldn't be the best call, but if it's high revs/high power you're going for, these would be solid.

      Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: Perrin Equal Length Big tube vs. Normal  zbnt2 years ago

    I want to put equal length headers on my built 2005 sti, full short block build with head studs, blouch 20g turbo, 1000cc ID injectors, FMIC, running AEM methonal injection kit, supporting Mods. Should I go with the big tube headers or regular Perrin headers? I do plan on going with a bigger turbo in the future, is there any downsides to running big tube on a smaller turbo?
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      A:  The big tube header is ideal for rotated kits past the 500WHP mark. If using the the stock turbo, the added volume will actually add turbo lag without giving much further benefit on top end power.

      Evan M. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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  • Q: Oil Pan Clearance  Hutch7214 years ago

    Do you know if there would be any clearance issues with a Killer B oil pan set up?
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      A:  Yes, we have confirmation from Killer B that their oil pan will fit with the Perrin Big Tube Headers.

      Josh P. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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