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Kartboy 15MM Black Exhaust Hanger Standard Length



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Worked Great - easy to install 2 years ago
Robert P.
I used a couple of these on the rear most hangers of my '04 WRX for the Cobb turbo back exhaust install. With just a little white lithium grease these slipped right on. Not too hard to jam on the car or the exhaust.
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RONIN STI  2 years ago
My pre muffler and 1 tail end hanger had cracked this caused some bumping sounds I went to RSD online and searched exhaust hangers it pulled up the parts that fit my car with length options! That easy they arrived a few days later and I was installing them in 10 mins of course fittmant is tight so no sloppy play very good product for the price.
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Super durable and stiff 3 years ago
These bad boys are crazy stiff and getting my Perrin cat back to go in them was pretty difficult. But that's what you want! Super tight fit and high quality material so they'll last to a long time.
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CHANNEL LOCK required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago
good luck with strenght!!!!!!
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Kartboy FTW 4 years ago
Used XL and standard length hangers for my Invidia G200 cat back on my 05 Forester XT. Put the standards by the exhaust tip so it would look nice and tight, trying to avoid a low-hanging appearance. These are great for keeping the exhaust stiff and in place, it doesn't budge or rub at all. Very happy with my purchase!
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A must have!!! 4 years ago
I installed these with my Tomei Expreme Ti Catback Exhaust, and all I can say is Wow! These hangers are stiff! I will not have to worry about any exhaust movement with these installed! Install Note: make sure to use lube the brackets to make for an easier install. These are tough buggers!
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subaru wrx 4 years ago
no more rear exhaust movement and rubbing on the rear diff guard.
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Excellent Product! 4 years ago
I installed these on my 93 Legacy with a turbo back exhaust. I initially got them thinking it was just a cheap alternative to OEM, but these actually cinch the exhaust down very well and prevent excessive movement without making tons of extra NVH. Very impressed.
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Kartboy 15 mm Exhaust Hanger - Good 4 years ago
I installed these about two years ago when I got my Borla catback. I haven't had any problems. None of them have slipped out over the two years.
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Great hanger 4 years ago
Direct simple replacement size. Simple to install using some grease. Nice and stiff and keeps exhaust solid to not hit against other aftermarket parts.
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Kartboy 15 MM Exhaust Hanger 5 years ago
Just put these on and already noticed the difference. No slack or play like the OEM. Nice and tight fitment.
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Kartboy 15mm Hanger STANDARD FIT Didn't (2006 XT) 5 years ago
Great hangers, ordered the extra long set instead of these due to invidia G200 not fitting. Standard length hangars cause the 3 inch CBE to rub on the rear drive axle. No beef with the quality of the hangars, but fitment was a no go on a 2006 forester XT.
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exactly what I needed!  5 years ago
Installed 3 inch catback and was a ton of rattle and banging. Bought these and theres no more rattle whatsoever. Still tight fit but no play at all. Love them
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Get these 5 years ago
If you don't want to worry about your brand new exhaust falling off while you are on the highway then buy these.
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really good!! 5 years ago
Ordered these last week. They came quick and semi easy install... way stiffer and the rattle is completely gone! Thanks!
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High Quality 5 years ago
After swapping my exhaust out for a straight pipe my OEM hangers couldn't hold the exhaust in place. Even under light load the exhaust would move about and cause a horrible rattle. I threw the Kartboy hangers on (install was a breeze with WD40) and the only thing I now hear is that boxer growl. I recommend if you're swapping your exhaust you invest in these hangers. It only makes sense to change them while you're under there.
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Great 5 years ago
silver bullet
my exhaust is so much tighter now and hardly moves around at all! not as hard as I thought to install, just used a little grease!
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KBFL 5 years ago
Simple to install with some elbow grease and WD40. Note, our cars have 4 hangers (1 midpipe, 3 on the axle back/muffler), I ordered three and made due with 1 on the midpipe and 2 on the muffler. Exhaust is now rock solid and looking good.
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Kartboy does it again 6 years ago
This stopped all my exhaust movement issues for the fujitsubo exhaust system should have got it along time ago!
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Great Upgrade over stock. 6 years ago
My RSTi project netted me a new exhaust and the old hangers were soft and mushy - these new bushings are stiff and reduced all the vibration after install. I do recommend a slightly longer bushing in you are installing on your 2.5RS to STi conversion so the exhaust tip clears your stock bumper. Otherwise - happy with the product.
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Buy these! 6 years ago
I am so glad I used these when installing my invidia N1. exhaust sits at perfect height and does not move or rattle at all.
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Great 6 years ago
No more exhaust rattle. Holds nicely. Little bit of lube and the hangers slip right on the exhaust.
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great product 6 years ago
These are great for stiffening the exhaust up. My Blitz cat-back would move 1 to 2 inches on the factory hangers. I installed these and the exhaust is rock solid.
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Kartboy 15MM Black Exhaust Hanger 6 years ago
Jory Anderson
Had a broken hanger. Perfect for stock replacement.
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Perfect for rattles/bumps.  6 years ago
I have this on my Greddy Ti-C. The exhaust before would only be hanging off 1 hanger because it slid off the other, and with these hangers, it not only centered the exhaust on the bumper, it now stopped rattling. RSD as always did an awesome job with their processing and I got my order within 2 days.
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Holy Stiff 6 years ago
These will keep your exhaust right in there place very stiff
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Quality Hangers 6 years ago
I bought these for my 04 STi, which had an annoying exhaust rattle. These hangers got rid of the noise and are a nice high gloss finish.
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Exhaust Hangers 7 years ago
Very high quality product!
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Kartboy 15 MM Exhaust Hanger 7 years ago
This Hanger is holding down my hks catless downpipe and hi-power exhaust like a dream. Before the exhaust would move about half and inch left or right and hit my rear diff in doing so. As soon as I put these on i haven't had a problem with my exhaust ever since!
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Hard and stiff 7 years ago
That is exactly what these things are. Quite and effort to get them on but they allow no movement of the exhaust and I am very happy with them.
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