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Subaru OEM Downpipe to Turbo Exhaust Nut

MODEL # SUB 902370029


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Subaru OEM Downpipe to Turbo Exhaust Nut 4 months ago
I like the quality highly recommend
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OEM bolt at a good price 2 years ago
Made in Japan. High quality steel and good to have when doing downpipe or up pipe work. Happy i bought them.
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Great Product 2 years ago
I bought 5 of these paired with 2 bolts and 3 studs and works great against heat. Old ones were rusted badly so I replaced them.
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Perfect Working Nut 3 years ago
Turn it to the right and it tightened down with no issues at all. :)
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Don't go aftermarket! 4 years ago
After replacing two times with a nut from an autoparts store and stripping them easily, I decided to go OEM. Cheaper subtotal than the aftermarket plus it's forged! Shipped super fast :)
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Very good 4 years ago
Very good quality, replaces perfectly old rusted nuts
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Just buy these.  4 years ago
These are cheap and exactly what was in your car before you dropped them somewhere in your engine bay and can't find them or somehow stripped them. They are heat treated OEM so they are better then any found at hardware or auto stores. The extra money is not that much more. Just get these.
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Perfect fit! 4 years ago
Totally needed one of these when my OEM down pipe nut seized and broke off. I should have gotten enough to do every stud and bolt in there. These are worth every penny. Don't skimp on nuts/bolts that are going to be heated and cooled!! Thanks RSD!!! -Seth
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Soooo Nutty! 4 years ago
Bought 3 for my downpipe install, should have bought 5! Doh! It's okay all the old ones were good so I just picked the best 2 for the rest. Not a bad Idea to keep a few of these in your quiver, never know when you are gonna need to pull the downpipe for a bigger turbo!
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OEM for the WIN! 5 years ago
Great quality!
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Nothing better than OEM! 6 years ago
Rick C.
I have used hardware store nuts and bolts on my downpipe, but nothing beats OEM quality. I bought a few just to keep as spares.
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Work great 6 years ago
Great product. Used these when changing out my Turbo.
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