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Killer B EJ Turbo Stud Set (5)



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Killer B EJ Turbo Stud Set (5) ( Part Number: STS)
Killer B EJ Turbo Stud Set (5) ( Part Number: STS)
Longer studs worked great for my install 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
I read the reviews here, and wanted to provide a different perspective. I purchased the Killer B Holy Header with the Killer B uppipe. I had to mate these to a ATP GTX3076R turbo, which is in the stock location, but has a slightly modified fitment due to it's size. I needed to replace my previous uppipe, and I wasn't going to be able to re-use the studs in the uppipe I had. I had to make the decision of stock size studs, or these Killer B studs. I chose to take the chance with these Killer B studs, precisely because of the ATP turbo requiring the use of a spacer on top of the uppipe. I agree that the Killer B studs are longer than the stock Subaru ones, and that the non-threaded space is also larger. In my installation, using the double nut technique to install them, I was able to drive the studs deep enough into the Killer B uppipe that there was no issue fitting the Subaru brackets onto the studs, and the longer studs definitely were the best size for my turbo. My Cobb bellmouth down pipe easily fit on the turbo with these studs in place. I've attached pictures of the turbo mated to the uppipe when I test fit everything on my workbench. Everything is installed on the car now, and works great.
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Seems solid but could have used more information. 2 years ago
4out of 5stars
I am only writing this to hopefully help save others time. I am not an automotive mechanic or technician. I just enjoy working on my car so more information is always helpful. I purchased some OEM studs and the Killer B studs. The OEM studs didn't seem to be the same as what was installed in my factory up-pipe and the unthreaded section got in the way and wouldn't allow the up-pipe to mount flush to the mounting bracket. The Killer B studs are longer but since I was installing an OEM turbo you don't really need that extra length on the longer threaded side. If you use the longer threaded side facing up they won't clear the down-pipe flange in my case. Since I was still in the process of test fitting everything it wasn't a huge issue, I just pulled the up-pipe and reversed the bolts and put the longer threaded portion facing down in the up-pipe with the shorter threaded side facing up. I am sure everyone's situations will differ but I would definitely test fit everything before committing to torqueing everything down. The OEM studs didn't seem long enough to flip them on the short threaded side btw, so the extra length of the Killer B studs was helpful in a sense. These were installed in a Killer B up-pipe.
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Nice studs- but check your DP first 8 years ago
3out of 5stars
I purchased these studs but unfortunately, not all of them work for me. Four of the studs are fine (though the large shoulder prevents you from fully tightening the ones that bolt only through the brackets), but as they are much longer than the stock studs, one of them blocks my Invidia bellmouth downpipe from being installed. Yay- pull the headers and up-pipe again and spend an hour trying to remove the now-fully-locktite'd stud from the new up-pipe. So buyer beware- if you have a bellmouth downpipe, best to purchase the factory studs, PN 800910340.
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They work if you modify them 11 months ago
2out of 5stars
I don't get it. The studs are about 3/8"too long and the non threaded section is too long to use with your STI oem turbo brackets (you can't tighten them). Three of them will fit your turbo but you will want to grind 3/8" off of them so your downpipe flange will have clearance .
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These don't work 7 years ago
1out of 5stars
Please, don't waste your time and money on these. They do not fit properly. Problem 1: The studs are too long. They are about a half inch longer than the factory studs. The long side of the stud needs to be threaded through the uppipe, otherwise the downpipe wont clear the two rear studs . This was not mentioned anywhere and there are no install notes with the product. I found out the hard way and it cost me a couple hours. Problem 2 : The shoulder (the space between the two threaded sections) is too long. It's about twice the length of the shoulder on the factory stud. This prevents the uppipe from getting a proper seal because the nuts tighten up against the shoulder instead of the uppipe. The nuts where so tight against the shoulder the entire stud came out when I took the nuts off to disassemble and the gasket had no signs of compression. Long story short, don't waste your time with these. Buy the OEM studs.
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