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GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter

MODEL # GRM 077046


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GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter  ( Part Number: 077046)
GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter  ( Part Number: 077046)
Perfect  2 days ago
If there is one thing that makes me the happiest, it’s parts that do what they are meant to do. Made it a dream to put my cat back on! Thank you!
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Perfect 3 months ago
Great part worked great no leaks
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It Works 10 months ago
Nice gasket that does the job between the oem downpipe and my new ETS catback. It provides the proper sealing of exhaust gases and includes nice hardware. The oem hardware did have nice springs to allow for flex, which the Grimmspeed does not.
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Make sure you need it before you buy it.  11 months ago
I was told and read that you need this to bolt up a cat back to your aftermarket stock style downpipe. No. You don’t. You only need this is you’re bolting a cat back up to the STOCK downpipe. So while I love grimmspeed gaskets etc I really didn’t need this.
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Perfect fit 1 year ago
I ordered this adapter with my Tomei Expreme Ti purchase for my 2017 Subaru STI. It fits perfectly from the downpipe to the catback. I would recommend this adapter over the provided gaskets from Tomei.
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Saved my install 1 year ago
The shop that installed my Invidia N1 race exhaust ended up cutting off the flange for the stock downpipe and welding this on to install the CBE. It made the install easier and would have made it easier for me if the level of rust did not cause me to take the car to a shop to do it.
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GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter 1 year ago
Simple and simplifies installation of catback exhaust to OEM downpipe.
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Easy install 2 years ago
Part fit perfectly on my 2014 WRX Hatch. Stock downpipe to Tomei exhaust. Been using it for 2 weeks now. No Leaks. A+
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Very satisfied!  2 years ago
Had the stock downpipe, needed this adapter for my Invidia q300 exhaust fit perfect!
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Get a Donut! 2 years ago
Great adaptor. Makes installing a Catback to OEM downpipe or to a Cobb Downpipe a breeze. Don't be stingy like me and skimp out on the donut gasket. I got the OEM catback off and broke the donut gasket in 2 pieces. was 8 at night so couldnt complete the swap until the morning. I live in a small town and had to stop at 3 different places to get another donut gasket the next morning. Take my advice. spend the extra money and save yourself the hassle of driving around looking for a donut gasket.
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A necessary inconvenience 2 years ago
Having held on to my GS "3in dp to stock catback" adapter from my last car, it was inconvenient to discover I needed this piece which came to 60 bucks with 2 day shipping. But it's necessary for an easy install. Just bite the bullet and get it. I plan to hold on to both for the future instead of possibly repurchasing.
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Indispensable for OEM or Cobb downpipes!  2 years ago
If you're running a Cobb or OEM downpipe mated to a 3" exhaust, this is the only adapter you need for a leak-free connection. Burly construction and nicely machined. It bolted right up and has been leak free. The bolts are ridiculously long, but this does not impact its functioning. GS makes really nice stuff, and this adapter is an excellent example. Highly recommended!
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Thick 3 years ago
I didn't do the install I had some one else do it due to a lack of tools. I test fit the adaptor to a invidia g200 for a 04 fxt and it was a good snug fit. I watched the install closely the tech Had no issues with fitment.
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Looks great and works even better 3 years ago
Simply Stu
Bought this along with my Invidia Q300 CBE for my 2015 STI. Looks amazing, and is made from high quality aluminum. Install was a breeze, I also bought a new donut gasket to get a fresh seal. The only thing I didn't use out of the box, were the nuts. I opted to go with copper nuts instead of the supplied ones, just for extra security. And I also used washers to fill in the gap between the two flanges. Also a big notice will be that bumper clearance will change a bit, due to the added extra 1/2". Worth the money, and so far with 1000K in there are no leaks at all.
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J Reynolds 3 years ago
J Reynolds
No problems. You should tell those ordering a cat back system that this adapter is recommended. I had to call, after getting my Q300 system, to clarify that should have the adapter.
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downpipe  3 years ago
Great product good price if you have a oem downpipe and a cat back then need this had an exhaust leak and bought this and great seal no more leak and simple install
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Fits Like a Charm 3 years ago
I highly recommend this part if you are retaining OEM downpipe and to aftermarket CBE to ensure there will not be any exhaust leak. It fits like a charm. My worries were that this would push the Invidia N1's out too far (i.e., showing too much tip) on my 2016 WRX, but it was just right.
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08 Subaru impreza wrx  3 years ago
Exactly what I needed. Bought the car noticed a horrible exhaust leak. Did some research and found they just slapped the invidia catback exhaust on without using this kit and tossed the donut gasket. Bough this and went to the dealership to get the donut gasket and it all bolted right up. Didn't have to remove the hangers or anything enough play to easily make it work. Install was a breeze evwn though no instrucrions came with it. Old exhaust bolts snapped when taking them off but new ones comes with the kit. If you have a stock downpipe and an aftermarket exhaust this is a must and don't forget the donut gasket.
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Definitely a must! 3 years ago
Jay Subie
Use this with new exhaust and work like a charm! Buy this with your exhaust!
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Works Great 4 years ago
Installed this about a month ago and have had no problems with it
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Serve their purpose 4 years ago
Nothing too spectacular to write here, the adapter worked perfectly to mate my Invidia N1 dual catback to my stock downpipe. No leaks whatsoever!
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does what it needs to 4 years ago
Used with the invidia n1 catback. Make sure you put it on correctly..can be a little confusing !
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Perfect 4 years ago
Used to connect an Invidia Q300 exhaust system on a '15 STi. Fitment was great. Definitely recommend.
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Perfect adapter! 4 years ago
Used to connect 3 Invidia catback exhaust on 2009 WRX. Worked perfectly. Should be offered as a necessary(or at least highly recommended) accessory for installing a catback exhaust on 2009 WRXs.
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Works perfectly 4 years ago
Had this product with the stock dp with a Tomei Ti catback and worked flawless. Would recommend to anyone with a stock dp
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Easy install 4 years ago
I used this adaptor together with the invidia q300 (WRX STI MY15). No leaks!
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Easy install, great functionality 4 years ago
Perfect install, served the purpose with no leaks, until I got a 3 downpipe.
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Perfect Fit 4 years ago
Glad I noticed this was recommended for installing a 3'' Catback on a 2.5'' DP. I wish it had been more front and center on the exhaust's product page but I digress. This is a top notch adapter and came with everything I needed. The install was a breeze and props to RallySportDirect for providing such a quick shipping turn around!
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nice product 4 years ago
perfect fitment. does its job correctly
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Perfect fit, and quick install. 5 years ago
Recently purchased an Invidia Q300 and noticed a slight leak between the OEM downpipe, and the exhaust. Ordered this adapter, along with the donut and everything fit up perfectly. The sound is much cleaner and I couldn't be happier. Definitely recommend it!
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GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter  (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed OEM Downpipe to 3in Cat Back Adapter  (Part Number: )