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GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter

MODEL # GRM 077044


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GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter ( Part Number: 077044)
GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter ( Part Number: 077044)
GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter ( Part Number: 077044)
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"Did you hear that?" "No..." "Heh. EXACTLY." 2 years ago
I wanted my Forester XT to have more get up and go, but not at the price of letting people know from a mile away that I am arriving. So, no melon-shooter for me - I get to keep my incognito exhaust, and keep the volume of my gigantic GrimmSpeed downpipe at a minimum with this puppy. It bolted up perfectly, no leaks. Thanks for keeping me on the DL, GrimmSpeed! Note - you will still need the downpipe gasket, as well as the stock donut gasket for this to work correctly, and make sure you can scrape the crap out of what is left of the stock donut gasket if you want it to get a good seal. So long as you do, this should work out great for you.
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good buy  3 years ago
this worked well for my fist application. it worked perfectly.
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O: 4 years ago
wow this made the install a breeze. Highly recommend so you aren't down there for 25m trying to match them up. This does all the work with none of the I hope its right.
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Worked as expected 4 years ago
09 SH FXT. Used this from my Invidia DP to SPT '08 WRX sedan exhaust. No problems.
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Awesome. 4 years ago
This fit so perfectly into the exhaust and felt so solid. glad i bought it!
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Perfect Fitment 4 years ago
I bought this to got with my invidia dp and it fit perfect. Great product, well built.
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NEEDED for GR STI (2013 for me) sedan with SPT exhaust 4 years ago
Yes the flange matches up with my invidia DP flange, but the ID of the pipe tapers down. How do I know I need this? I blew out the DP to CBE gasket in just over a year. I installed Tomei headers/up and had to remove the DP anyway so I popped this in there with t 3 2 bolt gasket for the DP side and an OEM donut gasket for the CBE side. Sealed up perfectly!!! Exactly what I needed. Comes with all hardware needed. Highly recommended product!
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If only I bought a downpipe with a 3 4 years ago
I ordered this to make my downpipe install easier. Turns out the downpipe I ordered tapers to 2.5 inches instead of 3 inches. I never actually got to use this adapter, AND IT'S TOO BAD BECAUSE IT'S GORGEOUS. Seriously, this thing is beautifully made. It's just my luck I couldn't use it and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I have an exhaust leak at the flange.
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Solid 4 years ago
Does what it is supposed to do and I am glad that it came with the extra hardware.
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2012 STI Invida DP to ARK Grip Catback 4 years ago
I had purchased a new 2012 STI from a dealer back in 2012. I noticed the catback exhaust the dealership had on there was aftermarket *blued tips on the mufflers*. I wanted to get an Invida downpipe and reflash the ECU, but I didn't know what type of flange the ARK Grip exhaust had. Found out it was a donut style gasket after further investigation. Parts arrived at my door, put the car up on the lift and began the install. Adapter fit perfectly. No leaks or issues with fitment. I would highly recommend this to anyone who encounters a flat flange to OEM Gasket scenario.
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Fixed my exhuast 5 years ago
This adaptor with 3 2 bolt gasket and donut gasket fixed my Invidia 3 catted divorced downpipe to my Cobb cat back exhaust. It was completely open at the top / they didn't bolt up right, now this gasket fixed it completely and sealed tight. Buy it if you're going from a 3 DP to a 2.5 cat back exhuast like the cobb. i have a 2006 wrx wagon.
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Perfect!! 5 years ago
Awesome fitment! Even took up the space I needed to keep the muffler from rubbing the body of the car. If you are installing a 3 downpipe to a stock 2.5 catback this part is a must!
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The Cindy Crawford of exhaust flange adapters it's so good 5 years ago
Josh, man
This adapter fixed my exhaust leaks (invidia DP to cobb CBE) and the squeaks that came from asking the other connection to not flex.
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Leak free painless install! 5 years ago
Used this to mate my invidia downpipe to my stock catback! Worked out great and best of all no leaks! It was cool to be super stealth and super fast for a while. Eventually i wanted to be loud again but this grimmspeed product serves the need for anyone that wants to remain under the radar and still gain some power without having to worry about leaks or sizing issues.
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Does the job! 5 years ago
Great quality, welds are nice. Not a cheap item. Grimmspeed did a good job!
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Perfect for that hybrid exhaust setup. 5 years ago
Fits great! This works well with the maddad v2 down pipe and stock '02 exhaust
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Worked perfect on my 04 wrx 5 years ago
This got my bellmouth downpipe attached to my factory catback. A great cheap solution to get my car stage 2 without buying a full exhaust yet.
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does it job 5 years ago
fit, work, worth the money.
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Solid quality  5 years ago
I ended up not needing this adapter but looked closely at craftsmanship and it was a nice looking piece. Thanks RSD you guys are the best
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keep your flexible joint 5 years ago
Perfect fit and no leak, keep life simple and more time for test driving the downpipe
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Perfect 6 years ago
I had a leak in between my Invidia downpipe and cobb catback. Installed this product and the leak is gone. Awesome product!
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Great product 6 years ago
Fitment is spot on, comes with 4 washers in case you need more space between gasket, all hardware necessary included, great seal.
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Exactly what we needed 6 years ago
Order this for my brother's 2003 WRX. We used it to mate a 3 DP to the stock CBE. It works perfectly, easy to install and no leaks (purchased new gaskets)
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Works great no issues installing 6 years ago
Works great for aftermarket Downpipe to stock CBE, everything that was in the box was in prestine condition and not damaged at all.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Smart! 6 years ago
Purchased and installed with Invidia 3 to my stock midpipe and mated perfectly. High quality product and does exactly what it says. I was thanking myself for ordering since I accidently broke both spring bolts that join the stock DP w/ Mid.
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Worth It 6 years ago
This is a must have if you are going to put in an aftermarket downpipe with your stock exhaust so it can be as tight of a seal as possible.
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Installed easily and perfect fit! 6 years ago
I purchased this item several months back, in conjunction with an Invidia catless downpipe. It was meeting a 3 DP outlet to a 2.5 from my SPT muffler. After tightening the bolts and centering the gasket, I was able to fire it up and hear that there was no exhaust leaking. I'm pleased to say I have driven on it for over 7k miles now without any issues...not that there should be any, the damn thing's bomb-proof! Two thumbs up, I love Grimspeed products!
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Fixes Exhaust Leak 6 years ago
I had issues with my downpipe to midpipe joint leaking. This piece along with some exhaust joint sealant on the flat gasket fixed it. Sturdy, high quality piece.
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Awesome 6 years ago
Great product and no leaks at all!!!!
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Quality 6 years ago
This is a superb product. Works perfectly as intended with the utmost of quality.
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GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed 3in Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter (Part Number: )