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GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket

MODEL # GRM 028001


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GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket ( Part Number: 028001)
GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket ( Part Number: 028001)
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Top Notch Quality Gasket 9 months ago
Needed a new turbo gasket when I bought my Invidia catted downpipe, so I looked no further than the Grimmspeed turbo gasket!
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Great product! 9 months ago
A couple years ago I ordered this gasket with an Invidia 3" Bellmouth Catless DP for my 02 wrx wagon after the assumed ebay special that came on it cracked around the flange and sounded like a truck. Fitment with the td04 and Invidia 3" Bellmouth Catless DP (no longer sold) was flawless, as expected with Grimmspeed products. I've pulled the gasket off 3-5 times since due to turbo rebuild/etc and it still seals like new. Highly recommended!
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Good gasket 1 year ago
Well it’s just like a gasket. Lol Although i was impressed that this one was thicker then your stock one.
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Great 1 year ago
Always love these gaskets way stronger than anything out there always gonna buy these
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Leak Proof!! 1 year ago
Leak Proof!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
GrimmSpeed turbo downpipe gasket 2 years ago
Based on appearance, weight, price, and construction, this gasket is vastly superior to the OEM product. My next one will be GrimmSpeed as well.
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PERFECT 2 years ago
This is always my go-to of gaskets. Quality and price cant be beats. Thanks for caring about even the smallest things, Grimmspeed.
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Good quality gasket 2 years ago
Not much to say about a gasket, but this one did the job for me! Good quality and fitment was spot on. Would buy again and recommend to a friend. Cheers
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Grimmspeed turbo to downpipe gasket 2 years ago
very high quality gasket! I always buy Grimmspeed Gaskets when I need to replace them! Fitment is just like OEM quality!
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GS Gasket works great! 2 years ago
This gasket works great and has multiple layers. Stands up to heat really well and crushes well the downpipe and the turbo exhaust housing. I replaced my downpipe hardware with 3 studs and 2 bolts with 5 nuts when i did mine because they were a pain in the ass to remove because of how rusted they were but they are holding in well now.
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Perfect Fit 2 years ago
Fits like OEM, no leaks.
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Fantastic 2 years ago
Scoobi Snack
THICK, i have had the down-pipe off three times since initial purchase, granted all withing three weeks but have re-used gasket with just a tiny bit of gasket maker and has never leaked!!!!
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Great gasket from Grimmspeed 2 years ago
I've bought at least two of these since owning my car and I've never had an issue with any of the times I've installed it. Only reason I've changed them out is because I'm picky like that, but I could've easily re-used my old gasket if I wanted to. Never had any fitment issues or leaks occur from this product. Just make sure you torque down your turbo bolts/nuts properly and you're good to go. Good product at a great price, what more can you ask for?
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Turbo to downpipe gasket 3 years ago
Never know when you or a friend will need one. Like to keep one on hand. Thank you RSD.
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o7 sti turbo to down pipe gasket  3 years ago
The gasket is perfect! Thick and good quality made product. Withstood a smoke test and no leaks! Great fit and all good!
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thicker is better 3 years ago
not nearly as important as the front side but definitely important if you sit for long periods of time in traffic or the grid at your local rally x.
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Awesome and works perfectly  3 years ago
Installed this when I was replacing my stock DP with invidia catted Dp on my 2013 wrx. Gasket is a beautiful piece of machinery and fit like a glove. You won't be disappointed with this purchase.
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quality 4 years ago
Great fitment at a good price. Seems very well built with good materials
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Fits like OEM 4 years ago
Its a gasket that fits like OEM.
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Perfect Product! 4 years ago
Vary nice think gasket, great product by Grimmspeed. Defiantly will buy again if i ever need to!
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Peace of mind  4 years ago
Installing this new gasket gave me added piece of mind when I put my new downpipe on the car. Love grimmspeed products! And rallysports customer service and prices!
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grimspeed 4 years ago
Love the gaskets. I ordered them for up and down pipes and BOV they work great. Even when i had to remove the parts after the first install the gaskets were all in great shape! fast shipping and never any confusion or doubts when ordering from rallysportdirect!
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Nice gasket.  4 years ago
If you are doing anything to your exhaust replace your gasket. This is just as good as OEM. You will not have any problems or regrets with this part.
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great 4 years ago
great product
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Just Buy It, Don't Be Cheap 4 years ago
Are you really going to spend hundreds on a downpipe and then cheap out on the gaskets? Seriously, just get this one. it's super thick and tough. When you pull the old ones off, you'll take a look at them and be real glad you ordered this guy for the replacement.
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Great! 4 years ago
Works great and thicker than the OEM! The piece of mind is worth the price!
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Works as expected.  4 years ago
You should get a gasket when replacing the downpipe. This fit correctly and doesn't leak.
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Never fails 4 years ago
Every time I remove my downpipe, I always install a fresh gasket and these have never failed me. Keep the exhaust IN your exhaust! Thanks for quick shipping and all your help RSD!!! -Seth
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Amazing product for amazing price! 4 years ago
Compared to the OEM this is a whole different story. the quality of GrimmSpeed and for the price of it is just great. Shipping was fast and easy. Thank you RSD
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Excellent Product! 4 years ago
Great replacement to the OEM. A must when you do your DP!
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GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket (Part Number: )